What Can a Recovery Coach do for You?

If you’ve ever been through treatment before then you know how overwhelming it can feel when you’re nearing the end of treatment and preparing to come home, back to your life. For many, this is one of the most difficult parts of recovery and leaving addiction behind. The life that you are coming back to may have been left in a state of disarray when you opted for treatment, this is where having a recovery coach will benefit you most. 

A recovery coach is like a guide to help you figure out your next steps with a little less stress. You may need to figure out your employment situation, or how to mend relationships that were damaged during the throes of addiction. You may need some help with figuring out your finances, options for education, and most importantly, options for ongoing support and aftercare to help ensure the success of your new recovery. 

So, What Exactly Does a Life Coach DO?

You can think of a recovery coach as being fairly like a travel agent, they don’t choose your vacation spot for you or tell you what you’ll do when you get there. What they will do is help you book your flight and make arrangements for where you would like to stay and to do the things you’d like to do. A great recovery coach will work much in the same way. They’ll allow you to be the expert at your own life, asking what it is you want to do and what goals you’d like to accomplish as your top priority. 

A great recovery coach can be a person that you can bounce ideas off of, practice role playing to practice talking to friends and family, and help in any way that may be appropriate for your needs. If your treatment is ending soon or has just ended and you know there are things you would like some extra support with, get in touch with a recovery coach to see what they can do to help improve your life and help you transition seamlessly into early recovery and maintenance. 

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