Expanding Your Recovery Network Through Social Media

If you’re already a part of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may be wondering how any of these social media sites and apps can help you in recovery. If you’re not a part of any social media and you are in recovery, it’s a great tool to add to your relapse prevention skill set. 

There used to be a time when those in recovery were simply out of luck if they couldn’t get a hold of their sponsor at an odd hour, they moved to a new city or went on a long trip out of town, or were otherwise finding themselves in a situation where they couldn’t get a hold of the support they needed. Now, if you’re in need of immediate support you don’t have to rely on sheer willpower to prevent relapse. 

Many social media sites have designated groups for recovery support but many stand-alone websites have entered the scene to provide people in recovery with access to support 24/7. By expanding your recovery network through social media, you never have to worry that you are unable to get in touch with your sponsor or your next counseling session is still days away, you can connect with support any day, any time. 

People from all areas and all social classes use social media to get the support they need and treatment providers are recognizing that as well. Social media doesn’t just provide you with a way to widen your recovery support network, it also provides a way for professionals and providers to give back, offer resources, guides, and other helpful tools and information to those they may not otherwise be able to reach or support. 

Whether you’re new to recovery or you’ve been walking the path for some time regardless of your current social media standing, get connected. There’s too many valuable resources out there for the taking for any one in recovery to go without. 

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