Here’s Your Motivation for the New Year!

With early recovery, many people find their motivation easily, beyond early recovery though, motivation can fall by the way side as contentment settles in. You’ve done all the big steps like creating a support network and attending meetings, now what? Staying motivated throughout recovery can be uniquely challenging, if you want to reach your goals, try following these tips.

Maintain a Routine
Try sticking to a simple structure from day to day that incorporates time not only for recovery activities such as support groups, meetings, or therapy, but separate time out for self-care. Whether you devote that time to trying out new hobbies, spending time with friends, or taking extra time to just relax, knowing you have that time to look forward to throughout the week can make a big difference. 

Celebrate your Achievements
No accomplishment is too small to celebrate, with that said plan rewards and celebrations in advance. Knowing that something special is waiting for you when you reach that goal can be the extra push you need to get there. Plan a spa day, a shopping trip, or even a stay-cation, and celebrate the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the goals you’re one step closer to achieving. 

Make Plans for Your Next Goals
If you have a few goals in mind that you’d like to achieve, take them from just an idea and turn them into action plans. Sometimes a goal is just a goal that you’re sort of moving towards until you develop a real plan to get there. With short, actionable steps and a timeline, your goal can go from something sloppily waiting on the horizon to a fully achieved accomplishment sooner rather than later. 

If you’re feeling complacent, let the new year bring new motivation, there’s no better time than now to start building confidence and going after all your goals. Happy 2017! If you’ve recently accomplished a goal or had luck with using a certain motivational technique, leave a comment for others to share in your inspiration and motivation!

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