Every ending is a beginning

We don't typically like endings, especially when it comes to relationships, but I've come to know that every ending is a beginning to something different- and maybe even better. or as some say, a closed door means you get to choose a different door, and that door may be better.

When it comes to recovery, the end of your life as an alcoholic, addict, etc. is the beginning of a new life sober and towards wholeness. see, this life journey...it's a journey and we come here to experience a whole lot of experiences... some good, some not so good, but we can learn from it all.

if your'e looking to get off booze or drugs, can you see this ending of the addiction life as a beginning to a new and better life? can't see yourself not ever drinking again? well, close your eyes and start envisioning your life without ever drinking again...go back to when you were a non-drinker... or non-drugger... after all, you weren't always addicted...

you can get your life back, as a non-addict... but it will take time, effort, perhaps a relapse or two...support...and vulnerability. you may have to get real honest with yourself and others... take your mask off..that's part of the journey folks.. we come here innocent babies...pure souls...then we create this ego, or false self..layers and layers cover the true self...this mask..whatever you want to call it.

but now..where ever you are on your journey, it's time for a new beginning. to begin shedding the layers, removing the mask, and journeying toward your true self..your soul..your authentic self. it's there..buried..but it's there.

soul care. a new beginning. just a few things on my mind today.

sending love.
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  • One of my favorite musical artists, Ryan Adams, had a great line about getting sober (which he did several years ago):

    "It wasn't about stopping anything. It was about starting everything." 

    I think that sums things up nicely. Like you said, @dominica...Every ending is a beginning. :)
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