Recovery and vulnerability: Take your mask off

Recovery and vulnerability: Take your mask off

When in recovery, learning to share your whole self with others may help you in many ways. Being vulnerable among a safe person or safe people can help you come to love yourself more. 

Taking your mask off isn’t about wanting pity from others. It’s more about you getting very honest with yourself and allowing you to be real. Raw. Gut-level honest.

For the addict, it’s throwing that mask to the ground and letting your core self show up, saying, “Hey, I’m really struggling and I need some help.”

Sure, it’s scary, especially if you’ve been hurt before, but it can also be very empowering and cultivate a greater intimacy with yourself and others.

One thing is for sure; you don’t have to go it alone. Life is not meant to live alone, so today, I ask you to get very real and honest with you. Are you hiding from others? Feeling ashamed? Guilty? Angry? Hopeless?

If so, admit it to yourself and then find someone to confide in. This could be your spouse, a trusted friend or mentor, counselor, doctor, or even here in the forum.  Allow yourself to just be you, weary, confused, and all.

Then, you’ll be one step closer to a full recovery, working toward wholeness mind, body, and spirit. 

Recovery takes some work. It’s a journey and becoming vulnerable can help foster immense growth on all levels.

Your thoughts?

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