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Sharing our story, regardless of where we are on the recovery journey, can help us in so many ways.... For me, being able to share my story helps me feel empowered. I used to feel like such a victim...but being able to identify with my pain...my addictions...my struggle, and move forward anyway, sharing from my heart, has helped me a lot.

Reading about other people's journeys helps too.

If you want to share your story, we have a place here at Recovery.Org where you can do that. Whether you're still in active addiction, in early recovery, or you've got plenty of years sobriety, we'd love to hear from you.  

Also, take a look at others who have shared their story. Leave a comment if you wish letting them know you appreciate their courage to share...

Simply go here and share: 

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  • Thanks for the reminder, Dominica. Sharing stories is so important. And FYI... You can share your story if you're a loved one of someone who struggled/struggles with addiction, too. Because addiction affects so many more people than just the person with the problem. 

    For anyone who's interested, here's my story...

    Sharing your story can be so cathartic. And you'll help other people in the process. :)
  • good point dean. we want to hear from loved ones of addicts too...

    here's a link to my story: 

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