Harm reduction vending machines

Read an interesting article about vending machines being placed in Ottawa, Canada that will have things like crack pipes and clean needles in it...for those who have a special access card from social service agency.

It's not the first place putting such vending machines in areas to help curb those using dirty needles or pipes..

Similar initiatives are already in Australia, New Zealand, and various European cities.

You can learn more here:


what are your thoughts?
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  • I actually don't have a problem with this as long as access is limited to people with the proper credentials. That said, I'm wondering about things like people letting others use their cards, counterfeit cards, etc. But I think the overall concept is a good one. Whatever it takes to keep people alive. I think Canada has always been a couple of steps ahead of the U.S. on matters like this, safe-injection sites, etc.
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