We’re three Weeks into The New Year, How Are Your Resolutions Holding Up?

With 2016 swiftly in our review mirrors, it’s time to check in on all those shiny new year’s resolutions for 2017. Let’s see folks, we’re about three weeks into the new year, how are your resolutions holding up? 

Whether your dreams and aspirations were put into just one or two goals for this year, we know you can achieve them! If your goals are recovery related, we want to make sure you have that extra oomph to boost your spirits and get you through another successful year.
If you’ve let your resolutions fall by the wayside over the last few weeks, it’s not too late to jump back in and make the best of this new year. We know you want to become one of the elite, new year’s resolution super achievers in a society that often throws their resolutions down the drain without giving themselves the fighting chance!

Need a little spirit and motivation to keep you going? Read on friends!

If you started out with a goal like, “get healthy,” we want you to make those goals a little more specific, like, “walk 4k steps per day,” or “have a green smoothie 3 X per week instead of junk food.” When you set a specific goal, you’re more inclined to achieve it, set yourself up for success by narrowing down your resolution to bite size chunks you can achieve to gain momentum and keep you going throughout the year. 

In the new year, don’t forget to be patient with yourself, give yourself the chance to really achieve your goals. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again until you do. We know you can get there!

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  • so far, so good, but i try to always have some goals i'm working on throughout the year... i find a new year resolution tends to die out soon, but a lifestyle of working toward a healthy lifestyle and accomplishing goals works better. it's a learned behavior.

    i'm a big fan or writing down goals and plans to achieve those goals.

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