Worried about how you’ll beat boredom and have fun in recovery?

 If you’re considering taking the leap into recovery or you’ve just begun your journey to do so, you might have many different feelings about getting sober and living in recovery. One concern many have is how they’ll deal with being “bored” and what ways will they be able to have fun without using alcohol or drugs in their new, healthier lifestyle. 

When you’re clean and sober, there are many ways to bust boredom and remain on your sober path. Lisa M. Hann is an amazing author who wrote two books on this very subject. How to Have Fun in Recovery and 365 Ways to Have Fun Sober are both great if you’d like a handbook of ideas and inspiration. 

The first step towards achieving new ways to have fun while living sober is to not think about having fun at all. Okay, not that you shouldn’t think about the future but your primary focus early in recovery should be to establish a solid foundation. You might find that once you’ve built yourself a solid foundation in recovery and established a new normal, you’ll find that other things start falling into place for you.

You might even notice that you don’t have to sit around and think of things to do while living sober because you’re already out having fun, in your new, stronger, healthier life. If you still need a push in the right direction, remember boredom is a natural emotion that you should feel from time to time while living in a responsible and healthy way. It’ll pass just as quick as it came and you’ll be all the better for it. 

When you feel a wave of boredom coming on, try to stick with your recovery plan. If you feel that boredom may trigger old habits, seek out the support you need to stay the course. This is just one more hurdle you’ll jump on the road to recovery. 

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  • i had to sit and make a list of things i might enjoy...and start doing them. there was only a couple of things on that list to begin with, so i started with those. i forgot who i was and what i liked for many years, taking care of others... so learning how to even know what i liked was a process.

    boredom can come... and that's ok. sometimes it's ok to just sit. quiet. in fact, that is probably healthy...i have taken meditation more seriously lately...training the mind... and i feel it helping me.  we are so often in "doing" mode and that can become addictive. and when not in "doing" mode, our thoughts can be racing... so i'm learning balance.

  • I love the saying, "Sobriety is only as dull and boring as you make it." Sounds simple, but it's true. You can do just about anything without drinking or using drugs. It might not seem possible early on in recovery, but the further along you get, the more you realize it. 

    Find new hobbies, get a lot of physical exercise, and try to keep busy. And when you're not doing things, have a plan in place so your downtime doesn't eat away at you.
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