Meditation, Mindfulness & Addiction

It’s no secret that being aware of your mind, body, and spiritual interactions can help you reduce stress and manage recovery but there is new research to back up the theory. Using meditation tends to help people gain control of their stress and achieve a balance of stress management, in turn reducing the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. 

Since modern medicine has yet to find a cure for addiction in regards to substance abuse, the consistently positive findings of using mindfulness to overcome addiction might be the next best option. How exactly does mindfulness work in extinguishing addiction? Using mindfulness techniques help to increase the brain’s plasticity – helping us adapt to and change the way we react to and perceive triggers and/or cravings in our day to day lives. 

In a study done on prisoners reentering society, half of the prisoners were given standard addiction treatment while the other half participated in a Buddhist mindfulness training program. The results were nothing short of amazing. The participants who went through mindfulness training had significantly lower usage of cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana use. Additionally, those same participants had far lower rates of long-term psychiatric problems and had higher rates of positive psycho-social outcomes. 

Mindfulness and mediation are known to increase focus and attention, give the user greater awareness of their body and help to enhance the regulation of emotions. These are all characteristics that can greatly improve your ability to remain in recovery and stay on your path of sobriety. If you haven’t already, you might consider adding a meditation and mindfulness approach to your other relapse prevention strategies. You’ll reap the benefits in all aspects of your life, not just in your recovery. 

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  • mindfulness meditation has much research to back up its claims for better health..mentally, emotionally, and physically... there are various forms of meditation...and i am finding it to be a source of peace and strength..

    the biggest challenge is making the time to do this each day or regularly... that is my biggest challenge but i am getting better at taking the time and taking it more serious...
  • Meditation can make a huge difference in you feel. For people who need a little guidance with meditation, there are websites and apps out there that can do that. One that I really like is Headspace.

    Don't let the idea of meditation scare you. Once you get started and do it a few times, it's super easy. Like Dominica said, the big challenge is making time to do it regularly. But believe's worth it!
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