Cell Phone Addiction: Is it Real?

Per recent research, up to 66 percent of individuals spanning Britain and the United States may suffer from nomophobia or a fear of separation from their mobile devices. As new norms regarding mobile phone use are developed so too are unhealthy usage habits. So, where is the line drawn? What constitutes a cell phone addiction?

Research suggests that tens of millions of people are actually addicted to their mobile phones. When users are separated from their smart phones, they feel afraid, panicked, and anxious. It’s debatable whether humans are unknowingly become saturated with information and technology to the point of excess. Some feel that technology has pushed the envelope, increasing productivity, and saving time and resources, while others feel that reliance on smartphones and technology has gone too far. 

For those that still aren’t convinced? Think about people who are addicted to slot machines. Using them offers instant gratification, an immediate response, and draws the brain into excitation repeatedly until the user has to have more, more, more. Using a smart phone is much the same. By using one you can have instant access to information, text, chat, or use apps with many people at the same time so that you’re never waiting on a response, there’s always one immediately there. People are also using smart phones to buffer social situations, cope with awkward experiences, and other habits that could have negative consequences down the road. 

Being separated from your mobile device should never leave you feeling panicked or afraid, you shouldn’t spend so much time on your phone that your neglecting other responsibilities, and you shouldn’t have a compulsion to respond to every query immediately. These are all signs that you might be too connected with your device. If this sounds like you, try implementing some rules for usage with yourself to help you stay away from a serious battle with cell phone addiction. 

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  • i used to be very connected to my phone... and when i was in a toxic relationship, we'd text each other all the time....at least every hour or so...when one of us wouldn't text, we'd think something was wrong...or we'd get mad at the other and think they were ignoring.

    i swore once out of that relationship, i'd never fall prey to such behavior again...and i haven't. i am not attached to my phone anymore... i refuse to pay top dollar for all the bells and whistles associated with cell phones.. 

    i believe in balance...even with phones... i hate that so many people are on their phones all the time... i have to consciously refrain from grabbing my phone when i'm standing in line or waiting somewhere.... i am trying to just enjoy silence...and a still mind... not married to the cell phone.

    chiropractors are seeing more patients with neck problems now due to people leaning their heads forward on the computer, pads, and phones...  that says a lot.
  • It's real. I see it everywhere. And it's one reason I don't own a cell phone. Never have. People are just too damn connected to technology these days. It's sad, really.
  • It's is completely real. Nowadays, people are busy with their phone all the time. They feel panic, restless or anxious, if get separated from their phone. The is leading to very serious problem called nomophobia (no-mobile-phone) phobia. Imagine how people are connected to their phone that this can be cause of a disorder. This is the bitter truth of our generation. Imagine a device you used daily can harm you. People who are addicted to their phones must know the side effects of this:
    Disturbed sleep: some people uses phones overnight and skip their sleep too.
    Attention span: people can spend alot of time on their phone without getting distracted or bothering anything else.
    Less social interaction: nowadays, people prefer phones over social interaction. We are more connected to our phones rather then with the people around us.
    Effect eyesight
    Hearing: the more use of smart phones can effect our hearing ability.
    May cause indirect injuries or accidents: using phone while driving can cause major problem for you
    Lack of interest in other activities.
    hence, we must not to get addicted to our phones for healthy lifestyle.
  • @alisa202 ;Thank you for your input and you are completely right. It is sad that our society as a whole is so attached to their cell phones. I went through a season where I was attached to it, but over the last couple of years I've really detached from much of Technology. I rarely get on Facebook and do not keep my phone with me most of the time. I work on the computer, which keeps me on it more than I like. I do try to not be on it when work hours are over. 

    we live in such a technical Society with all of our gadgets. I think it has stolen a lot from us. Sure, it's given us some things, but it's also taken a lot
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