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I need help with alchohol addiction. I am scared and lonely bc I don't have anyone to talk to about my addiction. I don't know where to start. Please help me.
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  • @Orlean81... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing with us. By coming here and reaching out to us, you've already taken a huge step toward beating your alcohol addiction.

    You can come here and talk to us anytime you'd like. We are here for you, to offer advice, support, or just to listen. Talking about your problem can be incredibly cathartic, so please share whenever you'd like. You are safe here, because we will listen without judgment.

    Please know that it's okay for you to be scared. You've obviously been dependent on alcohol for a while, and the idea of changing your life is going to be scary. But despite that fear, I'm here to tell you: You can do this.

    A good next step would be to seek out an AA meeting in your area and attend it. Being among others who know exactly what you're going through and feeling can be very helpful and comforting. You don't have to share if you don't want to. Just go and listen and observe. I think it would help you.

    You may also want to find an addiction specialist and make an appointment with them. They can assess your situation and recommend the best next steps for you. In my opinion, seeing an addiction specialist--a doctor with a complete and thorough knowledge of addiction--is a great way to get on the right track. If you're in the U.S., you can go to the American Society of Addiction Medicine website and search for a doctor in your area:

    One thing you may want to do is cut down on your drinking just a bit to start. Maybe drink a little less today. That's a small step in the right direction, and even baby steps will eventually get you to where you want to be.

    We're here for you, my friend.

    I'm sending you lots positive, sober vibes. And lots of encouragement.

    You can do this. I know you can. And we will help you however we can.
  • @Orlean81 hello and welcome. thanks for sharing. dean has given some great advice. i agree that getting to an AA meeting may do you good. it may not be easy to walk into a meeting, but so many have gotten free and stay free due to the 12 step program. go. get a sponsor and start working the steps... if you work that program will recover...

    if you can't stay sober on your own, which i am assuming you have tried many times, it's time to reach out for help. this forum is a great start! read around the forum. get familiar with alcoholism...and read people's stories.

    get on youtube and watch some videos on alcoholism... this will help empower you as you move forward.

    there are different paths to start walking on your unique path. see what works for you!

    we are here...and hope to keep seeing you around!
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