Rock Bottom & Personal Crisis: The only way to go is Up

Rock bottom is rough phrase associated with negative feelings and even stigma. Let’s call it personal crisis instead. Anything can be a personal crisis but when we use it here, we’re talking about that life-altering moment you realized you had to grab life by the horns and conquer it before you lost any more of your friends, your dreams or aspirations, your family, and most of all before you completely lost yourself.
If you’ve been at this point before you know what it feels like. Like the weight of the world is crushing you, like you’ve messed things up while trying to fix them, like you wish you could disappear before you do anything else to make your situation worse. It’s alright, more people than not have been in this very emotional state at some point in their lives. 

In fact, if you’ve hit this point, change your viewpoint, because now the only way you’ve got to go is up. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, it may not even be fun, it could possibly be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your lifetime. And you won’t make it there without back sliding every now and again or experiencing some setbacks and roadblocks, but you can and you will do it. 

After all, you couldn’t be surrounded by these lovely people in our recovery community if this weren’t true. So, change your view, grab life and addiction by the horns and conquer it, we know you can! If you’ve been through personal crisis before share your experiences in the comments below, you never know who your story could be helping. 

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  • i've had an emotional breakdown that sent my world spiraling... and today i am grateful that it happened...well, mostly. it prompted me to begin a journey inward...and backward to some old childhood wounds to contend with.... 

    rock bottom...this crisis looks different for each person...but oftentimes propels them to do something different...

    reaching out for help can be so helpful. humbling yourself to admit that you need some really can start to change things for you in a good way..

    so if you're struggling, and you need some help, please....reach out for it!
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