Super Bowl Sunday

So, tomorrow is the Big Game. For those not in the US, it is practically a national holiday, a 5 hour celebration of 'Merica! that usually involves about 2 hours of commercials, 25% of which it seems are alcohol commercials. All kinds of people drinking and having fun and loving life with their alcohol. Before I got my armor up to resist, these sorts of things would get the cravings going and make it tough to resist. But here are some tips that might help and allow one to enjoy the game. They are pretty common sense stuff, but I had to be told them by someone else before I realized it:
1. You don't need alcohol to enjoy the game. If you like a sport, you can enjoy it while sober. Probably more so since with a clear mind, you can really get into the strategy and nuances.
2. All the commercials show people drinking and being happy. It is a highly effective psychological game they play. The message that hits the subconscious is "if you aren't happy, what is missing is alcohol" and "If you don't have fun at parties, you need to drink! Because there are no socially awkward people at THIS party. Look, they're dancing on a rooftop!" Seeing the truth behind the ads took a lot of the sting out for me. You need alcohol to have fun in the same way that you need cigarettes "to aid digestion" like they used to claim. It's all false advertising!
3. There is no shame in not drinking. It's not a sin to stay sober for the game. Your friends, your true friends that you need to keep close, will no more make fun of you for drinking water or soda than they would make fun of you for choosing to eat apple slices instead of nachos wings. Surround yourself with those that support and empower, work to mitigate the voices that don't.

Anyone else got tips for making it through the "Great American drinking holiday"?

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  • Wonderful post, @Leaker! The Super Bowl is just another one of those "holidays" that a lot of people think requires alcohol. But it doesn't! You can, as you've pointed out, enjoy the game without drinking. The same way you can enjoy New Year's Eve without drinking. Don't fall for the alcohol industry's message. Stay sober on Super Bowl Sunday! :)
  • great topic.  you are right in that the advertising for alcohol to portray that it makes you happy is so wrong...on all levels. booze has train wrecked millions of families and still is...from the homeless drunk to the high functioning alcoholic...

    if you don't think you can go to a super bowl party and not drink, then watch the game at home... heading out to a bar to watch it isn't a good idea either.... if you're planning on drinking, give yourself a limit and then stop....

    hit a meeting before the game...and have some accountability.

    it may be tempting, but play the tape through... you won't feel good about your consumption resist it today and feel good today and tomorrow!
  • I live near Atlanta, @Leaker...many  of my friends drank AFTER that Super Bowl! LOL! 
    All kidding aside, your post here was perfect. Hope you are doing well.
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