When you’ve been in and out of rehab

There are some people who want to get sober or clean and
head off to rehab, time and time again. They may go a few times, or over their
lifetime, they may go ten or more times. 
Some people beat themselves up for having to go to rehab over and over,
like it’s a revolving door that they can’t seem to stop going through.

But the reality is that relapses occur and for those who
head to rehab, whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, kudos to them.
They’re trying. They’re not giving up. They may understand that addiction is a
brain issue…not a heart or will issue. They want to get clean!

If you’ve been to rehab before

Maybe you’ve been to rehab before, but since then you’ve
relapsed. Do you want to attend rehab again? Or do you think that wouldn’t
work, since you’ve relapsed?  Oftentimes,
it takes another attempt at rehab before lasting sobriety will come. Why? There
are various reasons, but any time you take the time to learn about addiction,
get face-to-face support, and make the effort to support yourself with a
recovery support network, you’re making progress.

For some people, recovery will be a lifelong battle. Sure,
they may be clean or sober, but the cravings may continue on and off throughout
their lives. For others, the first year will be the toughest. Inpatient and
outpatient rehabs have proven to be helpful for those struggling with addiction.

If you’re struggling and would like to go into rehab, but
you’re ashamed that you’ve already gone and have now relapsed, consider going
back. Make a phone call and allow yourself to get treatment again. Relapses
occur, but that doesn’t mean you give up…

Reach out for help today. You are worth it!




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  • Addiction is of anything is like slow killing and damaging yourself and your surrounding. Cheers!!! to those who decided to quit their addiction and want to be clean or sober. Making mind to quit is big thing itself. Understanding the harmful effects or danger of the addiction may also encourage you to quit it.
    Rehabilitation (Rehab) is one of the best option to recover yourself. Being in rehab is challenging and difficult but to safe yourself, take initiative. Some people recover in a short time, but for some people it is a lifelong struggle. But all you need is make up your mind and don't be dis-hearten if you relapsed. If you have been in rehab before, you must be aware of the pain and difficulties, the craving of addiction. And you still want to go back, this is applauding. Don't feel ashamed or embarrassing while going back because there is nothing important then your own life. Once you decided to live a healthy and addiction free life, the results must be in your favour. The life in rehab might be difficult but after all, your life out of rehab must be joyful and healthy. Good luck.
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