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I have been battling a lot of anxiety issues over the last few years. Yesterday was the Super Bowl and am a Pats fan and decided eh why not have a drink that drink turned into 6 and although I wasn't overly intoxicated I did notice my response. I have been dealing w fear of alcoholism for year especially after nights of drinking and having health anxiety attacks that my hang over is a strok or cancer. I feel I need help but have to much pride to admit it at this point and keep falling into a continuous circle I don't drink often(never have more than 14a week) but as a 32 yr old man w 2 children and anxiety I need to find a way to ensure it's not a problem bc anxiety causes me to drink and drinking causes more anxiety and problems. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated

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  • @Celtics21... Welcome to the community and congrats on that incredible Patriots win in the Super Bowl last night!

    I know you said you need help but have too much pride to admit it at this point, but I think by coming here you've taken a big step in the right direction. So kudos to you for doing that.

    I'm wondering if you've ever seen a psychiatrist or therapist about your anxiety? If you haven't, you might want to consider it. There's a good chance that therapy and (possibly) the right medication might be able to help you alleviate much of the anxiety you're feeling. I know those things have helped me immensely. Also, what about deep-breathing exercises or meditation? Those things can help kick anxiety's butt, too.

    And if you want to seek help for your drinking, starting with an AA or SMART Recovery (12-step alternative) meeting might be good. If you don't feel up to face-to-face meetings, both groups have online meetings you can "attend," too.

    As a young man with two kids, I urge you to take whatever steps you need to try and get your life on the right track. You don't have to live with anxiety. And you don't need alcohol to live, either. And getting rid of both of those things would mean a happier, healthier life; not only for you, but for your family as well.

    We're here to help and support you however we can, Joe. You can come here and lean on us anytime. Whether it's to ask for advice or just to vent, we will listen without judgment. You are not alone and you are safe here.

    I'm sending you positive, calming, sober vibes and lots of encouragement. I'm proud of you for coming here and talking to us. I hope to see you around here more.

  • @celtics21, you are already on the right path. Realizing that you are in a negative cycle is a huge first step. A lot of people don't realize that on their own; they need to be told it (hopefully without major consequences). If the anxiety is a problem, treat it! Be it with therapy, or medication, or some calming activity. Trying to self medicate with alcohol is not going to get you anywhere you want to be. You already admitted that after a rough night of drinking the hangover adds to your anxiety about more serious health problems.

    There's no shame in asking for help. Someone who truly knows themselves knows when they need a little assistance. It might not be much, but everyone needs a pointer in the right direction every now and then. I'm one of those Type A people, almost to a fault, and stubborn too, but I still go get help (usually a little bit after I should have) and so far haven't been laughed out of town or been mercilessly shamed.
  • @Celtics21 hello and welcome.

    glad you're here!

    dean and leaker have given some great advice. you're aware of your tendency to over-drink..and that's a good start. i'm very conscious of alcohol intake as well. as someone who knows the negative effects of alcohol very well from working in the field, i've always been on the cautious side...

    if it's anxiety causing you to drink (liquid courage), yes, get that treated. there are various paths to treatment for it. i take a couple of natural herbs to help with mine... 

    keep your mind renewed as well. i find when i am encouraging myself in any area, i just do better. my attitude is better. can be reading, listening to inspirational or motivations stuff, meetings, etc.

    we are here for you.... keep on the right track. don't beat yourself over the's a brand new day!! create a good life!
  • @Celtics21
    Joe... Just want you to know that I'm thinking about you today. I hope you're having a good week. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.
  • WC to this community. Hope you will get the best and relevant reply from here. By the way, You are in the real path. carry on.
  • @Celtics21
    Joe... How are things going, my friend? Check in with us if you get a chance.
  • Everyone here has already given you great advice and support and they are right, the fact that you acknowledge that your drinking is an issue is very mature of you and from what I've seen and experienced myself it is not always easy to be honest with yourself when your battling addiction, especially when you have anxiety on top of it. The fact that you want to get yourself out of this shows a lot of maturity and strength of character ♥

    I can relate because I also have anxiety, some ptsd and just anxiety in general and also have an addiction to alcohol because it can have that calming affect. My husband has pretty much debilitating anxiety and depends on alcohol a lot as well, although we both pretty much have stopped, me completely and he's cut back pretty much completely. He had actually been completely addicted to anxiety medication (klonazopan) and alcohol together and the unfortunate thing is when you have anxiety and actually need the medication but also have an addiction to alcohol the combination can be deadly... I won't go into detail but he ended up having to be involuntarily committed and detoxed with a blood alcohol level of .3 something (with klonazopan in his system too,quite a bit of it) but I know he still finds it hard to fight alcohol cravings because it temporarily alleviates some of his anxiety and it really is such a hard cycle to break! My thoughts and prayers go out to you that you find some relief! My husband has been working on some breathing techniques to calm his anxiety and our therapist also suggested yoga/meditation, maybe something to try..
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