Recovery: Ideas to Help you Stay on Track

Maintaining a healthy, sober life is all about staying on track and keeping yourself in check to stay the course. As you know, recovery is a life long process but after a while you may have left the steering on autopilot which could veer you off course if you aren’t giving it enough thought. 

It’s important to remember that falling off the wagon doesn't happen over night, instead a series of minor adjustments to your course effects your journey and before you know it, you find yourself off your path. Getting off your path is a gradual process that can be stopped in its tracks if you avoid getting too comfortable and content with your recovery. 

That isn't to say you shouldn’t enjoy recovery or that it shouldn’t become a little easier as time passes, it just means that you can’t leave your recovery on the back burner for too long. You have to keep making minor adjustments in the right direction to stay the course, otherwise you get off track. Make sure you stick to your game plan of healthy habits, weekly or monthly meetings, taking time for yourself, and sticking with your hobbies or interests and always, always practice healthy coping mechanisms. 

If you aren’t sure whether your beginning to lose the path of your journey, try asking yourself a series of questions to help you determine how you should go forward. You should ask yourself the following questions:

Are you getting enough sleep?
Are you sticking to your exercise and nutritional plan?
Are you attending regular meetings and/or getting regular support?
Are you getting by on a day by day basis or are you really headed somewhere with your life?

The way you answer these questions should give you a little insight about your recovery and what areas you need to work on or make adjustments to so that you can remain on the healthiest, strongest, path to recovery. 

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  • How about doing a bit of meditation everyday.

    Meditation is a spiritual practice that helps one disconnect from the superfluous and transient world and connects us to our higher self, our consciousness and to God.
    When the mind is cut off from worldly desires and distractions, then peace prevails within. By constant practice of meditation, one can get free from the bondage of joys and sorrows, suffering and grief, tears and fears and from attachment. The one who is able to practice a sustained state of meditation attains bliss.
    Lets be kind to the Mind and meditate for 10-15 minutes to add some quality to our health and well being-- Dr.Rakesh Kumar
  • Excellent post @friendlyadvice and a good pile-on @kaay.

    Because addiction is a physical and mental condition, one can't just treat it through physical means (pour all the booze down the sink, avoid friends that use, ect ect). One must treat the disease in the mind as well through whatever means work for them. Be it yoga, meditation, meetings, or simple reflection on the course of one's life. Whether that course is currently good or bad, honest reflection should reveal that drugs or alcohol won't do anything to make things better.
  • @kaay yes, meditation is a wonderful way to train the mind... i am trying to be more consistent with this... it takes discipline for sure... and the world could certainly use more awakened people living in peace and bliss.
  • Make a gratitude list, even if it's a short one, every single day. It really helps. Honest. :)
  • To me its the little things that help me stay on track. Like having a routine. Waking up a little bit early every day to make the bed and cook breakfast instead of running out the door in a hurry for work. Or even just making plans and holding yourself accountable to stick to them.
  • Love those things you mentioned, @brianbreaz! Routine is so important!

    Thanks for sharing!
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