Success does NOT fall in your lap. Go get it!


It’s probably safe to assume that you want to live a life of bliss and success.  These are actually quite magnificent goals and the good news is that you can with the right attitude, effort, and effective tools.  Just like if you were going to build a house, you would need a blueprint, hard work, and tools, building success takes the same ingredients.

What is success?

Success means different things to different people, but the general consensus is that success means actively working toward and achieving your goals.  The goals can be as simple as loving and taking care of your family to feeling peace and contentment to becoming CEO of a major corporation.  The definition for success will vary for each person.  

Key ingredients of success

There are certain ingredients or characteristics that propel men and women toward success. If you want to be successful, you can’t just sit down and wait for it to come to you. There are men and women who have achieved all kinds of success who have been more than willing to share their secrets to success with everyone and if you want success, it’s a great idea to listen to what they have to say.  

Create goals and an action plan

If you don’t have goals, you’re like a sail boat with no sail and you’re probably just drifting with the wind.  If you want to be successful, you must create goals and come up with an action plan to fulfil those goals.  Successful people didn’t get to be successful because things dropped into their lap; they planned and worked for it.  

Do you want to start your own business?  Get that promotion? Purchase that beach house? Send your child to the best private school?  Double your income? Write down your goals and create an action plan to achieve them.  Contemplate where you are and determine where you want to go.  Make a list and look at it every day.  Keep success at the forefront of your mind.

Keep score of success

Here is one secret of highly successful men and women: They keep score of their success. What  this means is that they keep track of their successes as they occur because the actual act of achieving goals creates a huge surge in momentum toward the achievement of even further goals.  

For example, if you’ve worked your tail off for the last two years to get the latest promotion at work, this achievement will reinforce the behaviors (working overtime, becoming an expert, displaying a super positive attitude, etc.) that created the outcome in the first place. This will cause you to continue those same behaviors and those behaviors will attract even more success to you!

How to keep score

The simplest way to keep score of your successes is to keep an online calendar entitled “Successes” and mark that calendar when you achieve something. Whether your achievements are little or big, write it down so that you’re motivated to stay on the success track and not get discouraged when trials or obstacles come.  

Let’s face it: Sometimes things don’t go as planned and the tendency for frustration or the urge to give up will surface. What will you do? Give up? Get angry? Settle?  Rest assured that you don’t have to. When those things surface, get to your online calendar and review all of your past achievements so that you can silence the negative thoughts running through your mind.  This will build your self-confidence so that you can keep your chin up and make a firm resolve to push through the tough stuff.

You can be successful. You can dream gigantic dreams and take action toward making them come true.  It’s never to late to begin journeying toward success in any area.  Begin today.  Go ahead and create an online calendar and keep score of your successes.  If you go to, you can access a calendar for free and create a score calendar that you can even use on your mobile phone.  

Go ahead. Give yourself permission to soar the skies with success as your wings!

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  • This is so incredibly true. I think a lot of people these days expect things to just come to them. I don't know if it's a sense of entitlement that younger generations have, or what. But the real truth is that you have to work for everything you get. Great post, @dominica!
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