rehab funding

hi i need rehab badly i know this but my local drug help group doesn't fund it does any1 know of how i can go to rehab with no money at all i'm in the south of uk
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  • @mattmarlo hello there. thank you for sharing. i'm glad you want to get help...i don't know where you can attend a rehab for free... perhaps you can speak with your doctor there and he/she may be able to give you some information. or call a social service or mental health agency.

  • @mattmarlo... Definitely call a social service or mental health agency. There are rehabs that are either free or charge according to an individual's ability to pay. Have you by chance tried contacting Betel UK? I'm pretty sure they have free drug treatment programs. Also, if you call any treatment center and tell them you can't afford to pay, they will likely be able to refer you somewhere. 

    Good luck, my friend. Remember that we're here to help and support you however we can.
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