Inpatient Rehab: Is it Right for You

Your personal experience with addiction and your current circumstances may dictate the type of rehab you need or prefer. Here's a look at what inpatient rehab can do for you. 

Generally, if you choose an inpatient rehab facility, you're stay will be at least the length of 28 days. Factors that are considered in determining your exact length of stay include your assessment and diagnosis, your needs and priorities, your circumstances, and the type of insurance coverage you plan to use. 

At an inpatient program, you may not have the ability to come and go at any time you wish to do so but you will be under supervision 24-hours a day by people who care about your recovery who will be standing by to support you in any fashion you need. You will not only have access to clinical workers like therapists or doctors but other trained professionals who are there to meet your physical, emotional, and depending upon the facility, your spiritual needs as well. 

If your needs and circumstances call for intensive care, you will receive just that level of care in the inpatient setting. While you remain in the care of an inpatient program, you will spend a majority of your day focusing on yourself, your addiction, and your recovery. You might participate in any number of individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and other therapeutic interventions. 

For those who do not have stable or healthy living conditions or home lives, an inpatient facility will provide respite from your home life while you remain in care and focus on your recovery. Without outside distractions, temptations, or access to substances, you will have the chance to focus your full attention inwards and upwards as you carve out a path for yourself on your new journey towards sober and healthy living. 

There are many inpatient facilities and programs to choose from, each offering their own approach to recovery and various therapeutic interventions, if you're considering inpatient rehab, you should take the time to pick the right program to meet your needs. We wish you luck as you embark on your path to recovery!

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  • I do believe that there is no one rehab facility that's good for everyone. Some have stringent rules that may trigger patients to go hysterical or afraid, but some may benefit from them. Others may do well with a facility that gives them the freedom to go out as they please. 
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