To those struggling...

For those who are struggling with alcoholism or addiction, I get it that it can be challenging.

You want to quit. You've tried to quit... But you keep relapsing..

I want you to know that despite the relapses, you're an amazing person. You're a good soul.  

Addiction is a disease of the brain.  Just like a disease like diabetes... it's root is physical... so please ease up on beating yourself up about the whole thing..

I'm not saying justify it and keep on the addictive path...

But I am letting you know that you are not your addiction... Underneath that addiction, you are beautiful, kind, loving, lovable.  Have you made mistakes? Yeah, we all have...

That's being human.

Now, I also know you want to sober up and get clean....

You're here...reading. 

That's a great start!

Start a journey really learning about  addiction... I do think that learning will help you feel (and be) empowered.... it gives you an edge over the disease!

Granted, you can still reach out for help (rehab, counseling, 12 Steps, AA, NA, Smart Recovery)...

but you can also LEARN... read around the forum. read blogs. read books. watch YouTube videos... RENEW YOUR MIND..

you may have to spend time DAILY doing this... keep recovery fresh on your mind, b/c we have the tendency to revert back to old ways..have you ever noticed that?

this journey.... it can be a roller coaster ride...but know that you can do things to help you recover and create a sober and clean you can really begin to feel free, peaceful, and happy...

big love to everyone!
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  • Thanks . Despite fantastic weather , fantastic family events , and really good things at work , I struggled this weekend . And don't know why . I tend to struggle more when things are great , But alas . I survived !
    I hope all have a great week !
  • This site gives me a lot of inspiration to want to change. Sooner or later, it's going to click.
  • @iwillchange That's the spirit! It took a while for my chosen method to click too. It took a lot of thought, and pressing the "I believe" button a lot at the start, but eventually it all clicked. The great thing about here is you don't have just 1 method to choose from. There are lots of great suggestions, methods, support, and experiences to draw on, so go shopping, explore, mix & match; just don't give up.

    @twsj Congrats! Struggling through to a victory is still a victory. Perhaps you struggle more with the easy times due to complacency? When times are hard due to outside stress/requirements, they take more focus, but with easy times and down times, perhaps that allows the monster to rise up and start whispering? I don't have any neat-o suggestions other than to recognize what is going on in the brain (yeah, beating the monster takes a lot that whole "know thyself" stuff). Plus, each time you get through a tough spot, the next time you can say, "I got through it before, I WILL do it again"
  • @TWSJ glad you had a good weekend with the family.... and i understand...when things are good, many people will end up sabotaging..they're not used to that type of vibration (peace, happy)... so it feels "unfamilar"...what feels familiar is anxiety, fear, anger, etc. and those types of feelings, or vibrations, can lead to picking up a drink or drug.

    it's ok to feel peace, calm, happy, and just simply enjoy it. it felt odd for me at first...i got depressed...but after a season of counseling, i understood it better. i can pop my head up, look around, see that all is ok, and relax....

    here's to the start of a great week! :)

    thanks for checking in!
  • Thanks for the inspirational post, @dominica. You are so right: Addiction is a disease; not some kind of moral failing. And the journey to recovery can be a very circuitous one, for sure. But that doesn't mean you can't get there. 

    @iwillchange... Yes! Sooner or later it's going to click! I always say that sobriety is a learned behavior. And, just like other learned behaviors, sobriety can take a lot of practice before you get good at it. Think of getting sober like learning to speak a foreign language. You would never expect yourself to be an expert at speaking Russian if you decided to learn how to do it, would you? Of course not! You'd try, fail, learn from your mistakes, practice, learn some more, practice more...and THEN you'd become good at it. Same thing with sobriety! It WILL click eventually!!!

    @TWSJ... I'm glad you survived the weekend, my friend. Know that it's okay to struggle. It's how you handle those struggles that's important. And I think you're learning how to handle things better, which is a wonderful thing.

    Remember, everyone: The road to recovery is hardly ever a straight line. But that doesn't mean you won't get there eventually. Keep working hard and know that you have support here in this forum!

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