The Decision to Make a Change

For many people struggling with addiction, the decision to make a change and move forward in their lives more positively doesn’t come easy. Some people hit rock bottom, some people are mandated to rehab, and some people just wake up one day and think, “enough is enough!” However you came to the decision, we’re glad you did. 

One of life’s greatest satisfactions is the feeling you get when you overcome something, whether it’s an obstacle at work, home, or in your personal life. Addiction is an obstacle that can be overcome, albeit not easily, it can be done. So, what’s behind the decision to make that change?

The motivators behind the decision vary from person to person, but one thing that those people who do overcome addiction have in common is the belief that they can change. When you believe in yourself, the motivation becomes bigger than the obstacle and little by little gains in recovery can be made.
The decision may not have been easy and overcoming addiction may not be easy but it will be worth it. To achieve satisfaction in all of your endeavors, you must be willing to give up certain things to get there, make compromises, and stand strong in the face of tough decisions and compromising situations. All the sacrifices you’ll make on this road to recovery will reap benefits and gains that far outweigh the sacrifices you’ll make to get there. 

If you find yourself on the edge or teetering with the decision to make a change, what’s stopping you? What have you got to lose? Don’t let your fear of the unknown stop you from making changes, after all the fear of knowing what lies ahead on your current path is likely greater (at least it should be) than the fear of the unknown. You know what’s on the other side of addiction, recovery. So, go after it!

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  • making that decision to better your life by getting clean or sober is the first step toward a better life.... then, creating a plan to get there is important and following through. sometimes we just need help to get there..and that's alright... we're not meant to walk this path alone.

    if you want change, reach out. we're here.
  • Today is day one for me. I cannot go on in addiction any longer. I can't believe how hard it is though. Thank you for all the support and encouragement here. This board is all I have.
  • Congrats on Day 1, @Adler2073. We are here for you!!
  • Hi. Im unsure if this thread is still active. Im a codiene addict. 24 yrs ago it was heroin but i went to rehab and worked a 12 step.pgm and was clean for 9 yrs. I started drinking again (was a very clear choice) and all was good. About 14 yrs.ago i used nurophen for tooth pain and became addicted very quickly. I.abused them.for about 8 yrs then after an accidental overdose i decided it was time to stop. I did well for a few yrs then mum died of cancer and i was back on them. Ive been on and off for 3 yrs now. Its almost like part of me.accepts it. Is resigned to it
    But another part is screaming 'ffs sort this out'.
    Life in general is good. I am very lucky and have no 'good excuse' to emotionally check out.
    I just needed to start a process and an online forum helped me lots when i stopped a few yrs ago. Any support appreciated

  • @Takeyteasy... Welcome to the community, Rebecca. And thanks for sharing. Have you considered seeking help for your codeine addiction? By the way, coming here and talking to us is a great first step. :)
  • @Takeyteasy... Thinking of you today. Just wondering how you're doing. If you have a spare minute or two, let us know how things are with you. We care.
  • Nice motivation post, thank you. How are you today?
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