Apps to Keep Track of and Inspire Your Recovery

In the world of smartphones, there are apps for anything and everything you can think of. Now that technology has come to a point where virtually anyone with an idea can decide to pursue developing an app, we’re getting access to apps that are more and more personalized and tailored to our needs. There is an ever-growing recovery community and there are many mobile apps that are designed specifically to meet our needs. 

When you’re in recovery, you need as much support as you can get. By using mobile health apps you’re able to get the support you need at any time, any day. If you haven’t already, check out these sobriety apps to keep track of and give you the motivation and inspiration to keep going.
Quit That 
Whatever it is you want to quit, drugs, alcohol, or junk food, Quit That will keep track of your progress and show you how long it’s been since you’ve quit. Time tracking shows the hours and days you’ve been free from your addiction and there are unlimited addictions or habits that you can keep track of. You’ll also get to see how much money you’re saving by quitting. 
Available on iTunes for free.

Squirrel Recovery 
Part recovery tracker part social app, Squirrel Recovery keeps your recovery on track by connecting you with a small but strong recovery circle of 10 people. During trigger times, SR will ask you questions that will show your circle how you’re doing and in what way they can support you based on your mood. The panic button will let your circle know you’re at risk and in immediate need of support. 
Available free on Android, iTunes is still in development.

Sober Grid
Taking a note from Squirrel Recovery, this app seeks to go social and bring a community of recovery together to help support one another. Similar to other social media sites, Sober Grid has a news feed where users share photos, inspiration, and stories to help others. You can use GPS capabilities to find other members near you while remaining anonymous if you desire to meet others in person. To signal others that you’re at risk or in need, SG will put a red box around your profile to get you the help you need, when you need it. 

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  • That's great there are sobriety apps!  What a fantastic way to connect with other people and also have the opportunity to help others who are struggling!
  • Nice post and thank you for sharing this. Nowadays, smartphone and various kinds of apps are really helps us. We can do some difficult tasks by smartphone and app in short time. 
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