Adolescent residential dual diagnosis program recommendations?

Hi everyone.  I'm looking for a longer term residential treatment facility for my 15 year old daughter.  Although I am terrified of her staying somewhere for an extended period of time, it's becoming obvious that harm reduction is not working at home.  Has anyone had good experiences they'd like to share with an adolescent residential program? Thanks
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  • Hi  @dearmschris welcome! i am not aware of something, but there is a rehab connector on the home page (or phone number)... here at  they may be able to help you locate something :)

    it may do your daughter good to be away in treatment...with professionals.

    sending best wishes for ya'll! 
  • @dearmschris... Like Dominica, I am not aware of a long-term, adolescent dual-diagnosis treatment facility. I suggest calling the phone number on this page (1-877-247-6294) and seeing if they can help.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughter. Please know that you are not alone and that you can reach out to us anytime you need someone to lean on.
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