Religion in Rehabilitation Programs

There are a lot of people who never really thought twice about religion or a higher power and then for some reason, once they start their journey into recovery, they start looking at things differently. They begin to rely on a higher power and want to associate with others who do.

Then, there are those who feel that if there was a higher power then they wouldn't be in the mess they are in. They think life is too cruel and that this is truly hell now. These people do not want to hear about God or anything similar to it. They opt out of God as a higher power and do not want it as part of their 12 Step program.

This is why there are choices about which type of rehab program you wish to attend. You can choose a spiritual program or a non spiritual one. Both will offer very effective treatment programs. The same is true if you are seeking support groups. Some people want a detox that is heavily based on spirituality and that too, is available. Some want a program that is pure atheist and those are also available.

Some people believed in a higher power all along but somewhere during the course of their addiction they feel that they let God down. These people just need to get acquainted again with their higher power. Fortunately, this too is an option. The important thing is that during recovery and after people need to be surrounded by others who have the same beliefs that they do.
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  • I agree whole heartedly. The week before I was hospitalized, I feel that God had his way of reaching to me. Even though I had turned my back to him, to research and see about other religions, I felt that he had a way of bringing me home, and helping back to my feet.

    Through my renounced faith I found light, that I was sure was gone. The more I prayed, the more I listened, the more things for me started falling into place--wrong seemed to be happening less often. I have not strayed away since and hopefully never will.
  • I love how 12-step programs use the phrase "God as you understand him," and "Higher Power." It opens the door for people of all faiths (or no faith at all) to find recovery. I don't follow any particular religion. Instead, I find the 12 steps to be a spiritual path on it's own. I can get confused by religion, and when I do, I keep it real simple and and just use the program.
  • I know that it helps a lot of people and that's a really good way to get people who have addictions to turn to something else, but at the same time you really can't force religion on anyone.
  • The use of religion in rehabilitation programs could be really useful for some people but equally harmful or off-putting for others. I think using the terms "higher power" etc. make such groups seem slightly more inclusive. 
  • People usually are religious before they need help, attend their local church, follow their religion's rules etc.
    But it seems that they feel like they're being let down when misfortune hits them, which they shouldn't reckon, in my opinion. I strongly believe that God does exist, and that they should believe in His power neverendingly; He can't just show himself whenever you want to so you can convince yourself of His existence. You must believe.
    Anyway, staying on-topic, whether you were religious before you needed treatment, or you became religious after your incident, it doesn't matter, as it will help you through your recovery both ways. 
  • We should trust God to deliver us from our pitfalls and rescue us from our downfall. We should have total faith in him for without faith, we are lost. No addiction is beyond his reach we only have to believe.
  • I agree 100% jeremy3
  • i'm just started to get interested in buddisham been a drug addict past 16 years now any1 talk to me n let me know how u overcome urs or r planning it i can't get past day 1 feel such a letdown to my family n have lost all my friends due to my addiction
  • @mattmarlo Welcome! It's good that you are here and taking steps to improve your life and beat your addition. There's lot's of info here, so you came to a good place. Dig around, get some ideas, and you will find something that clicks with you.

    Don't worry about your success so far. Once you find a method that works for you, that 1 day will quickly turn into more and more. Don't think you are a letdown either. You are addicted, which means it isn't you in control. Once you are free from your addiction, then it is valid for people to decide what they think of you.

    For beating addiction, I was able to kill the monster that fueled my alcoholism 5 years ago. In keeping with the theme of this thread, no invisible man in the sky got me into my mess, so no invisible man in the sky was going to get me out. I had to fix my own problem. I did so basically by learning and accepting that alcohol didn't add anything to my life, and I didn't need it. I also learned and recognized what thoughts were my own rational thoughts, and what thoughts were the monster of addiction trying to control me. Sounds simple, but executing it was pretty touch and go for a while.
  • @mattmarlo... Please try not to feel like you've let anyone down. You are not a bad person; you have a disease called addiction. If you want to get clean and are willing to work hard at it, you can do it. I know you can. 

    We're here for you, my friend.
  • @mattmarlo hello and welcome!  getting past day 1... you just keep trying! no matter how many times, you just keep getting up and trying again. also, reach out for help... counseling, 12 Step groups, mentors, etc.

    i like buddhism... start attending a buddhist center if you are interested. read up and learn about it.... it's a great way of life for sure...

    just don't give up. you are a good soul....and addiction is a disease... it will take time and hard work...yes, hard work..but you can do day at a time... it's a holistic thing's not just about putting down the drink or's about working on YOU.....mind, body, soul. 

    you came here on this planet to experience many with addiction was it's time to experience life overcoming addiction... use all the helpful resources you can. put time into recovery each day. come on the forum every day...

    we are here!
  • @mattmarlo... How are you doing, my friend? Check in with us and let us know. We're here for you and we care. You are not alone.
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