Spring Cleaning and Recovery

Spring cleaning is invigorating, refreshing, and it could be just what your recovery needs to get some rejuvenation and a fresh start. Spring cleaning isn’t all about going through the attic and the garage, throwing out odds and ends, and reorganizing the coat closet. It’s about focusing your energy on something positive, giving it your all, and coming out the other end with a renewed sense of direction and a positive outlook. 

Whether you’ve got a whole home and decades’ worth of boxes stored to get through or you just want to focus on one small area of your home, spring cleaning is a great way to feel good in recovery. Organize your space so positive energy can flow freely. Follow these tips to make spring cleaning in recovery work for you. 

Take Note of Your Surroundings
If anything in your home is a reminder of the hard life you once lived, toss it out. It’s hard to throw away things that hold sentimental value but if it might be a trigger later or the memories are just too much to bare, that’s reason enough to rid yourself and your life of the item. If you don’t want to be wasteful, try upcycling key items, giving them a fresh coat of paint in a new color, or reusing the item in another way that gives it new meaning. 

Clean up Relationships Too
Letting friends and loved ones go is a hard thing to do no matter what way you look at it. However, in recovery, it can sometimes make or break your recovery to hang onto toxic relationships. Toxic relationships aren’t just romantic either, friendships can be toxic, and even people who aren’t drug abusers and who are completely sober can still be toxic to you and your recovery. Don’t make excuses, clean out these relationships and put yourself first, you deserve it. 

You deserve a happy, healthy life in recovery, don’t be afraid to spring clean to help you get there. 

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