Natural supplements for ED that really work

So, I'm looking some advice to correct my diet. I'm in rebooting process now, quit porn, go gym. Want to have girlfriend but... erectile dysfunction. What can be helpful? 
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  • @Ben_vellani hello and welcome. great news about stopping porn and getting to the gym. i think maybe you could direct your question to a doctor...or naturopath doctor to get expert advise on the matter.
  • Thank you Dominica. I feel shame about it. So doctor is not my way. And what do you think about veg food as treatment? Does it really help?
  • @Ben_vellani... We are not experts on ED. Like Dominica said, it would be best to direct your questions about it to your doctor.
  • Lots of people are suffering with these problem. Many of them of don't know the right solution in their life. My small suggestion is try to fit your body. Do simple exercise like Running, It support to reduce body weight. It increase the blood circulation in body and reduce the formation of unwanted fats in your body. There is lots of treatments available to skip the Ed problem. First up all you must put hope in yourself. Then try to attend the counselling in sexual health experts. Follow the procedure in right manner. Don't get more stress or depression. Be cool..
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