Going Crazy?

I feel like I'm going crazy or obsessive with wanting to a girl we were talking for a month and she is blowing me off. I try contacting her through Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, texting & calling. Yesterday, I got some bad news regarding my dad's cancer, it's spreading to his brain/skull, he has pneumonia and fluid in the lungs. I wish I had someone to vent to
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  • @AnnaMolina1981 hey there. thank you for coming here and sharing. i am so sorry you are struggling right now...  it does suck when someone that we like blows us off. :( i do think that from my own experience, being blown off means they are not interested or not as interested as i want them to be... so for me, i let them go b/c i want to be with someone who is totally stoked about sharing life with me (or at least dating lol)

    also very sorry to hear about your dad's cancer. that must be rough for everyone. wow. i pray right now that angels will come and surround you and your family...to comfort you at this trying time. i pray for peace for you too...and hope.

    would love to know more about you. great group of people here...

  • We've been talking for about a month, but with my dad's health decline more. And I drink and take my anger & hurt at her. It's like my mood switch so much throughout the day she don't deserve it and I need just to grieve alone
  • @AnnaMolina1981... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing with us. I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time. Please know that you are welcome to come here and vent anytime. We will help and support you however we can. 

    I'm sending you positive vibes and lots of virtual hugs full of hope. And I will say a prayer for your dad...and you.
  • Hey there! I am so sorry about your dad.. Everything will alright just PRAY. You know prayer is our greatest weapon.
  • @Holmsboa i agree prayer can be effective.... 
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