Hey everyone. So the weekend is here and I hope everyone is blessed with some fantastic weather this weekend. For those of you who follow the Christian path Happy Easter and may you walk in the Resurrection Life of Jesus Christ! For those of you who do not celebrate Easter or follow that path, happy Sunday and may you walk in so much light and love and joy !

for those of you who may need some support and encouragement, please start a new thread. We are always here to lend an ear to allow you to vent , and to just support and encourage you the best way that we know how. 

@Tommy @Leaker @DeanD @TWSJ for those of you who are on the Freedom Express train, let's see some sights that we've never seen . let's sit back and relax and enjoy the journey among friends and family. So glad to be journeying with y'all. My job for this weekend is to try to stay balanced between work and play. Not allowing work mode to bring me down, as I'm on a time-sensitive project. And it's made me SUPER tired which can affect my thoughts . so I'm just being careful .
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  • Yes, happy Easter to all. May little chocolate bunnies come and bring lots of candy to everyone. Apologies to those suffering from a chocolate addiction. Please stay strong during the "Chocoholic's Equivalent of St. Patrick's Day".

    I plan on an uneventful weekend. If the weather (and motivation) cooperate, I will try and knock out a 10+ mile run. I need to since I had a Meat Mountain from Arby's for lunch today. My wife and I will also do some planning for our Nashville trip coming up. We are trying to get that sorted and maybe link up with my Best Man who is currently in Alabama.

    For those on the train, let's enjoy the ride, and try and pick up anyone else who needs to get out of the bad place they are in.
  • If you do 12 miles , I can sit on my fat ass and say you did it for me . I have to work tomorrow , and family Sunday , but maybe a bike ride will squeeze in . Happy Easter All .
  • @Twsj, I am not so sure that is how fitness works, but then again, I am not a doctor, so it sounds like a deal! A bike ride sounds great, especially if the weather where you are is like where I am. Invite the family along and you get a 3 for 1. You feel better, physically working towards something, you feel better, mentally doing something that drinking used to prevent you from, and you feel better, spending time with the family doing something, as opposed to the, "Who can be quieter since daddy is on the couch with a "headache"?" game.  
  • "Statue Man " was a big one with my kids . From a weather standpoint , I live in Coastal GA . The only weather issues we've had since Hurricane Mathew is just how miserable will summer be . Winter here is having to wear long pants at least 10 days . Sometimes 15 . But mostly , we bitch about summer . Conducive to exercise if you don't work 7 days a week though . Happy Easter !
  • @twsj Well, I knocked out 14 miles this morning, so the challenge is on the table. Certainly not that far (good lord is that stupid to do that!) but a nice half hour ride with or without the family. A quiet time to reflect on what has happened over the past couple weeks and the good things that are happening. That's a great Easter present, at least in my book.

    Besides, get the riding in now before summer really hits. I was raised in Atlantic coastal FL, so I know all about the 80-80 days. 80+ degrees, 80+% humidity. Working on my dad's property, I could tell time by how far down the front of my shirt the sweat stain was. Off the bottom? Quittin time!
  • OK , @Tommy is still the man , but you are truly impressive . I will strive to get there .
  • Sorry I didn't see this thread until this morning (Monday). I hope everyone who celebrated it had a wonderful Easter. I went a little non-traditional with our Easter dinner menu this year: I made pizza and a big, wonderful salad. And a couple of pies (chocolate cream and key lime). My family came over and we enjoyed our time together. :)
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