What Does Recovery Mean to You?

Addiction is an interesting thing, in the way that so many people experience addiction but addiction still finds a way to be unique. There are comparable stories for some people, but no two people and their experiences will ever be exactly the same. On the same note, recovery is much the same. Many people experience addiction and many of those people will experience recovery, but no two recovery experiences will ever be the exact same. 

You bring so many things with you to your very own story, your genetics, your nature, your experiences, the way you were nurtured and your very own point of view through a lens that only you can see. With that, we ask, what does recovery mean for you?

For some recovery is a life of abstinence from any and all substances, for others it’s a healthy place where they can have a drink with friends without going over board, for some it falls somewhere between the two. When I think of recovery, I remember it’s so easy to get caught up in every little detail, sometimes we forget to look at the big picture. 

When I look at recovery on a bigger scale, that’s when I remember that recovery, to me, means creating new life. Not just in a sense that it’s a new chapter of life after another has ended, but creating a new life. With new habits, innovative ideas, new self-empowerment and accountability, new friends and a new community, everything is fresh and all of these things are brought into the creation of your new life to help you get by without the need, want, or desire to use or abuse substances again. 

The best part about creating this new life is that you carry the memory of where you came from with you always, to help you remember the vast differences between your old world and your new world, ensuring that you stay on the right path. 

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