Positive Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself at the End of A Stressful Day

Everyone has stressful days from time to time, off days, and maybe even a, “the entire world is against me,” type days thrown in the mix occasionally. But, while in recovery, we can be especially vulnerable to stress and bad days. That’s why we must remain accountable and take matters into our own hands to make sure even our worst of days don’t get the best of us. One way to do just that and keep your mental health in check is by giving yourself the gift of positive affirmations. 

Let’s lift our self-worth, bolster our self-love and self-trust, and take on any day, rain or shine, with these positive affirmations!

1. With each passing day and each step I take forward, I am healing and aiming higher. 
2. I believe in me, I can do this, I can do anything. 
3. I am slowly but steadily becoming the best version of me there is. 
4. I am absolutely deserving of all the best that is out there. 
5. I like me, I love me, and I enjoy me. 
6. Problems are just obstacles, each of which has an achievable solution. 
7. I will keep moving forward, no matter what, because I truly believe in me. 
8. My past doesn’t have chains on me and my past is not responsible for holding me back. 
9. I am learning, growing, and bolstering all of my unique strengths. 
10. I am in charge of and accountable for all of my actions and my future. 

If these affirmations don’t particularly suit your taste or your mood, come up with your own. The key to being successful is addressing your own core values and sticking with it. Always make time to give yourself this gift, you’ll be glad you did!

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  • @FriendlyAdvice I used to recite a lot of positive affirmations, especially when I was going through emotional distress. I would print them out and I would taPE some of them up to remind me and I would always listen to positive messages while I went for daily walks. I considered it renewing my mind because my mind had distorted thoughts. Like feeling unworthy or lacking confidence or feeling sad. It's like the tape that I learned in childhood was still playing. But it was a negative tape or CD. It had been programmed wrong. So I had to reject that CD and put in a new one and by repetition  it actually helped. 

    In the self-help niche,  positive affirmations are very helpful and encouraged. In the Christian world Renewing Your Mind according to the word of God can help as well. Regardless of what you're struggling with, learning how to gauge your thought life and address those negative thoughts can be helpful. Everything begins with a thought that thought turns into a belief and that belief causes a mood and actions . so whatever you struggling with,  start with your thoughts. This is why it's great to go to counseling because many counselors will help you learn how to identify what's going on at the subconscious level. What CD is playing repetitively underneath the surface.? Then learning techniques on how to change that CD up and reprogram the brain.

    It's pretty interesting and it works. It does take time and effort though. Granted, positive affirmations are not everything and don't solve everything. But they are a tool that you can use in addition to other tools. Recovery from anything out to be holistic taking into account mind, body and spirit. That's one reason I love transpersonal psychology because it incorporates all three. 

    Thank you for the great information
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