Why You Should Fear the Unknown Less than the Known

One of the many obstacles you’ll face during a battle with addiction and your fight to get sober is likely to be a fear of the unknown. At some point or another, almost everyone will face this fear, addiction related or not, it’s one of the many things that brings us together as humans. But, the good thing is that fear is only an obstacle of the mind. 

As we know, when you finally accept treatment for addiction, one of your main priorities will be strengthening your mind so that you can overcome any obstacle of the mind that contributes to addiction, fear, trauma, whatever it may be, the stronger your mind is at fighting these things, the better your chances at overcoming the physical aspects of addiction.
So, I ask you this, is your fear of the unknown greater than your fear of what you do know about your life and what your future holds should you continue your path with addiction binding you to this very certain future, or lack thereof? We hope not. 

When you decide to leave behind your life of addiction to build a new life without it, there will be many uncertainties. How long with treatment be, will you overcome addiction on your first try or your 3rd try, will you be able to regain your independence in 3 months or not for 3 years? 

It’s normal and common to wonder about these things and have concerns, but fearing these uncertainties shouldn’t hold you back from moving forward in a better direction when you know for certain that your life has such certain negativity in the future if you choose to stick with your current path.

You know that you’ll keep losing things, people you love, accomplishments, maybe all your money, belongings, or career, you know that you’ll only spiral downwards, and you know that your health will deteriorate on this path. So, aim for the unknown and go after it, there’s really, no better alternative! You’ll be surrounded by our community of support and guidance, every step of the way. 

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