Going to the Doctor in Recovery

When it comes to prescription drug addiction, many get their start in the last place you’d expect, your very own doctor’s office. While many suffering from prescription drug addiction get the medication elsewhere, a sizable number start out with a legitimate reason and a legitimate prescription. 

Unfortunately, it’s a sad truth that the people who are supposed to know what’s best for our health, give us drugs that we don’t stand a chance against should we have other predisposing factors that make us vulnerable to addiction. The added chemical desire can simply overcome our willpower. 

Once you’ve moved on with your life on a path to recovery, an addictive past and more recent sobriety can have you feeling pretty nervous anytime you have to go to the doctor now. But here’s the thing, this is just like any other risky situation that you’ve learned about and developed skills to cope with in your addiction treatment. You just have to put theory into practice here and make sure to consult with all your own guiding principles. 

We recommend you practice awareness, honesty, integrity, and if it’s your personal viewpoint on addiction that recovery entails abstinence, then you should practice that too. Practice awareness by acknowledging the reason that you’re going to the doctor and the very real possibility that you could be prescribed something that could be a threat to your sobriety. 

Be honest with yourself and your intentions and then be honest with your doctor. Talk to them about your past, your present, and your willingness to find a solution to your ailment that doesn’t include prescription medications that could have you in relapse. Have the integrity to walk out empty-handed if he only option is a drug you think will cause a relapse for you, it’s not worth it. 

When you make yourself and your sobriety a priority, you can get through anything. 

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