Giving Thanks to Sobriety: A Round Up of Uplifting Stories to Fuel Your Recovery

Addiction has a way of separating you from who you once were, making you feel isolated, lost, alone, and a whole host of feelings you may never wish to revisit. Whether recovery is a path you’ve long since been on or you’re still finding your way to it, few things can be more inspiring than reveling in the stories and experiences of others who’ve been down a similar path as you. 

Everyone’s journey is unique to them and no two are just alike, perhaps it is this reason why so many take solace that others who’ve come before them have made it safely back to the other side. When you feel lost, hopeless or just in need of an uplifting story to get you through, flip through these and know that you don’t stand alone, you never have, and you never will. You’ve always got a community behind you. 

Heroes in Recovery
Working to break the stigma that those with mental health or substance abuse disorders face socially, Heroes in Recovery brings you thousands of exceptional and uplifting stories to help you see the light. Every cloud has it’s silver lining, maybe you’ll find yours here. 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SAMHSA has gone above beyond their normal commitment to serving those in the mental health and substance abuse populations by bringing together the stories of others to help those in need. Featuring stories highlighting coping mechanisms, strategies, and unique obstacles that were overcome, these voices in recovery should definitely be heard. 

SMART Recovery 
As many of our community members are already aware, SMART Recovery is a staple for our members, many of whom find support and solace in the many resources SMART provides. Now you can read stories from others like you who share their  experiences, insight, and memories to help you realize and feel your recovery community surrounding you.

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