I'm feeling emotionally weak today, I am annoyed, sad, ignored, rejected, angry I allowed Katie and people to use me for whenever they need me. The ones I attract always disappoint me they will give you some excuse "I am busy, I work, but what it comes down to is priorities we all have 24 hours in a day. I just need the will power & self-control, not to contact this person.
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  • @AnnaMolina1981 hi there. i'm sorry you are feeling so yuck. wanting something from another person and not getting it can certainly lead you to feeling frustrated and sad.

    i agree that you should stop contacting that person. make a commitment to yourself that you will continue to work on your relationship with YOU...and that you won't settle for less than you deserve. 

    do you not feel like you are worthy to receive the love you want? i feel that those that settle for unavailable people tend to find themselves unworthy...fill yourself up sweetie. journey inward to see what's going on in there...what kinds of thoughts are swirling around in the mind? work with those... so many great resources out there to help.

    glad you are venting though....and we are here to encourage you!! :)
  • @AnnaMolina1981... Sometimes certain people are just toxic for us, for whatever reason(s). When that happens, it's usually best to just move on. No one should have the power to make you feel those things you're feeling. I'm sorry you're going through this, but I know you can overcome it. And feel free to keep venting to us as much as you'd like. That's one of the reasons we're here.

    Love, light, and big hugs being sent your way. :) 
  • I agree with the others, it's not fair on you that people make you feel like this. I live by the rule to never be just an option to someone that I see as a priority. And once I get that feeling, I'm slamming that door and moving on. Took a good bit of turmoil to get there, but hey, life is unclouded now, and the people in it are ones that appreciate me.

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