Happy Weekend Everyone!

Hey everyone!!  Hope everyone is doing well.  

Anyone struggling this weekend? If so, we are here to listen and support you however we can.

Anyone have some great news? We want to hear that too!!

Any big plans this weekend? What are you doing to take care of YOU? Do something you enjoy? 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
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  • @dominica,

    No big plans for me. The wife is visiting family, so it is just me & the cats for the weekend. Suits me fine. Last weekend was the big trip to Nashville. Went to the Opry for a tour and a Saturday night show, the Ryman, Andy Jackson's house, and a TON of great food. As foodies, we plan our trips around eating at places that have been on TV, the Diners Drive ins and Dives, Man vs Food, and Food Paradise type places.

    No struggling for me. Just sober living. It great being sober and playing the video games I do. Gives me a natural advantage when aiming and killing fools who think going against me with a buzz is a good idea!
  • Thanks for the well wishes and back at you ! I'm in a great mood despite spending 3 hours working on a boat engine followed by 2 hours working on the most disgusting clogged sink in the world . Anybody who thinks teenage boys are a mess needs to try having a couple of teenage daughters share a bathroom . Yuchhhhhhhhkkkkk!
    Hopefully I fixed the boat so I can spend tomorrow getting over the sink !
    I love the food shows . But , if you ever come to Savannah , don't get sucked in to the Paula Deen thing . When I travel , I like to try the local flavors as well . Someone told me once to look for the joints with old pickup trucks parked next to BMWs , and local license plates . Tourism is our 2nd largest industry , so I don't want to give away too many secrets , but always follow the locals !
  • Thanks for the check in post, @Dominica and for the good wishes. I actually "flubbed the dub" this weekend. I've been trying to stay busy so as not to eat or think about drugging. While cleaning drawers, I found an old stash (Lord knows how old) of my fav's, Tramodol! Not one to flush down the toilet, (THAT would be drug abuse!) I've had my old opiod calm today. 
    Back to the drawing board, cause there's no more where those came from and obtaining any is still out of reach for me. (Thank, God) 
    An embarrassed shout out to @Leaker, @TWSJ and @DeanD! AND to @Tommy! Thanks to you all for listening and not judging. 

    What else can I say...?
  • @goodtr8s,

    No judgement here. It is a huge temptation when the favorite is plopped down in front of you. In time, and with work, you will get beyond that though. I was working late one Friday about 8 months into sobriety. A well intentioned leader plopped an open beer in front me with another in his hand. It was great to look at him and say, "No thanks, I stopped drinking", and get back to work. Very liberating.

    Don't let the setback turn into a roadblock, or the end to all you are working towards.

    Keep the faith.
  • @goodtr8s hey there. never any judgment here.... glad you were honest with us. i agree with leaker that one day you will be able to pass on all of that.  

    don't beat yourself up. get up tomorrow with a new attitude...ready to start again!!

    we believe in you and are here for you!! always!
  • @TWSJ hey there! clogged sinks.. fun stuff. lol glad you remained in a good mood despite all of that tough stuff!! 

    thanks for the tip on savannah eats. i like to try the locals too...for sure.  being a foodie is fun!!!  i'm visiting outer banks with family this week, so it's chill and will be nice. i passed on drinking tonight...and that felt good!! 
  • @Leaker hope your weekend is great! having the house to yourself can be so great!! i bet nashville was great!!! i drove by there yesterday! well, close to it.... didn't stop though... 

    glad you are doing well!
  • "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ". No rocks in my hand . I'd be scared they would boomerang .
    I'm going to be driving my oldest from GA to Minnesota in Aug , We were thinking about stopping off in Nashville . Any tourism trips ?
  • @twsj, the advice to stay away from the tourist places for food is a good one. I do that as often as possible and usually don't go wrong. We ate at Pegleg Porker, and it was fantastic. One of our Uber drivers said we did good too. A lot of folks rave about Martin's, but apparently be prepared for an hour wait. We also ate as Biscuit Love and Pancake Pantry (get to both early since a line forms). The Grilled Cheesery was also pricey, but good.

    For tourism, the Grand Ol Opry was great. A lot of history there. Also, walking around Opryland and the gardens was nice (and free). Andy Jackson't house was a great couple hours, and Belle Meade was an interesting look at how a rich family can lose it all in a couple years. Walking along the river front was a nice break too. Also, the American Pickers have a store in Nashville. Pricey, but nice to walk around. It is in an old automaker factory, so they have a bunch of the old machines on display.
  • We're probably only doing a half day . I'm a Picker Fan so will definitely look that up . PegLeg Porker ? The name alone makes it too tempting to miss .
  • Thanks for all your support! You guys are the best! It felt good to get it off my chest, too. I learned a little about myself, like, how easily I succumb and not to get all proud and stuff. "Pride goeth before a fall" .
    This is gonna be tougher than I first thought. I'm okay, though. Every post of yours that I've read so far talks about the learning experience and how to learn from this slip and the next one should it come. 
    @leaker, I've read your response here several times...thanks for that! PegLeg Porker sounds like something we'd find here in Georgia! LOL! @TWSJ, you let us know how that trip goes this summer! 
  • No doubt . Makes me think of Pirates and BBQ . Savannah is known for both . We still have the Pirates Festival every October on Tybee . Not a great event for those of us with alcohol issues though .
  • My son celebrated 1 year of sobriety on Sunday. I think it's the third time he's celebrated 1 year. I'm proud of him for persevering. One day at a time. 
  • @Goodtr8s... No need to be embarrassed, my friend. Just get back on the right path again. We're here for you, no matter what.
  • @goodtr8s, the Pegleg's slogan is "Limpin' ain't easy", a play on words almost as delicious as the Q. Almost. And concur on the humility aspect of recovery. It is apparently part of the 12 Steps, but even though I didn't follow the 12, I still needed a huge dose of humility to get in the correct mindset to enact the positive changes required to save myself.

    It might be tough, but going in with the attitude that it won't be easy will help keep you vigilant, and motivated. Progress, not perfection. As long as you learn something each time you slip up, you are a little better each time. Eventually, you will start to learn things without slipping, and THAT is a wonderful feeling.

    @Twsj, I'd say the Pirate Festival is a great event for someone with alcohol issues. At least, at a certain stage of your recovery. A final exam or a capstone. It might be a great idea to set the goal of attending and NOT drinking. Mentally prepare, get a good game plan, including some solid abort criteria, and then execute. That'd be a great way to prove to yourself how far you've come, as well as getting some good food and oogling some nice (and not so nice) costumes. Every Renn Fair and Pirate Fest I've ever been to has shown me that, "old timey costume" for women translates into "show as much cleavage as possible".
  • Yes , the "Wenches" do come out for the Pirates Festival . And St. Patrick's Day , and all the other events that come with a Coastal Region filled with Irish Catholics .
    I don't mind being around a couple drunks . But several thousand has lost it's appeal for me . I've come to realize I wasn't as smart or funny as I thought I was when drunk , and neither are they . But God Bless them , they are great for the local merchants . And give me an excuse to take the day off and go fishing !
  • Totally valid. @twsj, that is a good example of taking a look at activities one used to do while drinking, realize they don't fit into the new sober life, and cutting them out in favor of something much more enjoyable. Plus, if all the pirates are at the festival, there is more room on the water you, right?
  • Yes . I drastically reduce the odds of getting pilfered .
  • Congratulations @DeanD, to your son's 1 yr anniversary! I DO know that is a great accomplishment! I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do this on my own, after messing up this weekend. I had just enough Tramodol for some good sleep (no vivid dreams) and to remember why I like it! Physically I'm okay that it's gone, but, I can tell I'm starting from scratch emotionally. 
    Thanks to all you guys here for the positive feedback and for listening. 
    Tomorrow is a new day and will day #4 without the opioid calm...
  • @Goodtr8s congrats on day 4!!! be gentle with yourself!!

    here for you!
  • Thanks for the kind words, @Goodtr8s. And congrats to you on Day 4. Just keep going, my friend. I know you can do it. :)
  • ...The courage to change the things I can...
  • When I use, I want to get the maximum benefit, and an empty stomach helps with that. An empty stomach meant less eating and less eating meant less calories and less calories mean a smaller number on the scales, a smaller number on the scales means my clothes fit better. This sucks! 
    "JUST exercise the extra calories away! " "JUST don't bring the binge foods into the house!" "JUST start a food journal" "JUST say NO!" 
    I have all the right tools and JUSTICES. Like my relationship with Opioids,in my relationship with food, there ARE no justices, JUST US!
    Thanks for the rant time! 
    7 days today clean and sober...again.
  • @goodtr8s, Nice! One week down. Look back on how you got there, and build on the success.

    Ah, the ol' empty stomach to get the max effect from the drug. I'd do that too. An empty stomach meant the booze would get me drunk quicker. Plus, I wouldn't need to worry about all those calories, so no worries that I was too drunk/hungover to exercise. Win/Win, right? Except, as you pointed out, it's false reasoning that the monster uses to keep one from seeing the harm they are doing.

    Once I got clean, I could start an exercise regime. I got stronger and better. Eventually I got all kinds of studly looking muscles that helped me accomplish some wonderfully legitimately fulfilling fitness goals, and my chick likes. Now THERE's the Win/Win!
  • Congrats on your 7 days of sobriety, @Goodtr8s! That's awesome and I'm super proud of you! 

    One day at a time, my friend. :)
  • Thank you, @Leaker. You have a way of inspiring with your words! It feels great that you shared about your "empty stomach" conniving mindset! Your story is a light at the end of my tunnel...
    One day at a time. They could make a song with those words, @DeanD! Oh, wait, they already did! Thanks for the encouragement. Since my slip, my attitude has changed somewhat. Hard to describe. I'm hoping it's pretty typical. Those original clean days were so special, and now they are just a memory.
  • Checking in before the weekend hits in hopes that writing about my baby-steps will aide me WITH Saturday and Sunday. You have to understand that I live where I work and my days run together. So, while most everyone else is looking forward to the end of the week, my days remain the same, 24/7. I even had to come to realize that the situation feeds into my lack of need for accountability on several levels! @Leaker, @Tommy, @DeanD and @Dominica, and others who may have read my story, but, not responded yet, THIS forum, it's threads and posts are all the accountability I have right now. 

    Anyway, I've discovered Melitonin helps me sleep better without dreaming so much. It seems that better sleep has enabled me to be more aware of my compulsion to eat. My vitamin regimen just "kicked in" one day this week and I have more energy! I rarely even THOUGHT of Opiates (other than all the overdoses that are in the news!) Don't get my message wrong, because, I've been extremely frustrated in other aspects of my world and said, "I need something for these nerves!" and the first thought...not Xanax, not Ativan, not alcohol, but, pain pills! Damn it!

    Thanks for listening and please keep me in talks with you Higher Power as I do you in mine! 
    Blessed, clean, sober and no gambling weekend to ya'll!! :-}
    10 days and counting...
  • Congrats on 10 days, @Goodtr8s!!! I'm soooo proud of you! And I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, too! Also, have you ever tried the 4-7-8 deep breathing exercise for anxiety or for helping you go to sleep? It works great for me.

  • Why, TY @DeanD! I'm all for trying things new that I don't have to ingest!
    Right now, even the Melitonin may be just be a placebo! My mind is SOOO used to ingesting SOMETHING EVERY day, I'm assuming it may be part of this dependency. I'm learning more about terms such as dependency vs addiction; lack of desire vs abstinence; compulsion vs habit; etc.
    Research and reading about it all keeps me remain intent. 
  • @goodtr8s, great to hear the progress, and great to hear you are learning and applying so many lessons. "I need something for _______" is a pretty common tactic of the monster. It is the monster trying to get you to think you are too weak to handle your life without the substances. As @deand said, life is tough, but the best way to handle it is not through a false mindset brought about by a substance. Sometimes you just have to knuckle up and get through it.

    Great to be part of your accountability safety net. There should be someone around all weekend for when you check in with more success to report.
  • @Goodtr8s hey you!! good to hear from you!!  glad you are doing alright and that you have more energy!

    we will keep you as accountable as you will allow us!! :)

    melatonin works well for many people. that is wonderful!!

    as far as nerves... mine get me sometimes too and i feel loco...i think it's hormonal (menopause)... but getting through.. trying to make a bit of time daily to just be quiet with myself. meditate...yoga, something!

    hope you have an amazing weekend!

    thanks for dropping in!
  • ^ ^ What I meant to say is my living situation feeds my LACK of accountability, not my need for it.
    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.  Thanks @Dominica, too, for sharing with me. It means a lot. How are things in your corner? How are things with your son and daughter? Is it okay that I ask? I'm still learning etiquette here on the boards! I DO hope my responses to others have been appropriate... 
  • @Goodtr8s ;

    It's great that you asked questions about how we're doing and our possible issues. Thank you so much for asking. My son I believe is in the same boat , drinking more than necessary . my communication is limited with him because he's not one to keep in touch. I try very hard not to take this personal. I get many guys are like this. He did call me when he was feeling very good drinking last week and we had a good conversation. He's moving into his first house at age 22 with his girlfriend and I pray all goes well and that of course he will stop drinking. 

     He did call me one night around midnight but I refuse to pick up the phone because I made a decision not to answer the phone in the middle of the night when he calls me drunk. He hasn't done this for months but I was proud of myself for not picking up. Although I did lie there and worry a little bit. 

    I believe my daughter is doing better . she is due to move here to Louisiana within a week or two with her boyfriend and I think that will be good for both of them. 

    Being a parent is something for sure. I think back to the days when I was drinking heavily as an early adult and I just pray that my son can get through it and realize like I did that I didn't want to life like that. But it also took me crashing into a house while drunk. I pray that he does not have to go through anything like that in order to wake up. Thank you for letting me share. And I hope you have an amazing weekend!
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