Suffering From Dual Eating Disorders

I've known a couple people in my lifetime that have two eating disorders (bulimia/anorexia or another combination), and dual eating disorders definitely wreak more havoc on a person's life than a single one. That makes sense, but the difference I've seen have been a little crazy. I couldn't imagine trying to recover from a single ED, let alone two of them. Neither person has recovered from their condition, and they have a hard time controlling those urges, unfortunately. 
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  • I have a family member who might have exercise bulimia. Although I wonder if a person could just be addicted to exercise. She is very obsessed with calories and over eating despite her small size. She seems healthy though, she makes sure to eat exactly what she needs to sustain herself. So at what point do we call it unbalanced? It is hard to say for sure but I wish I had that problem over the problem of constantly over eating and loosing and regaining weight. I have never even been close to being bulimic or anorexic but bindge eater would be in my gray area. 
  • Sometimes it bothers me and I pity when I saw pictures of people with anorexia. In fact I saw one the other day in a social net site. I cannot imagined what happened because of that eating disorder. There are those people who are sometimes not contented with their weight that is why they resort to this kind of eating behavior which might put dangers to their health.
  • I suffer from a dual ED, in addition to other disorders including a serious sleep disorder insomnia basically! Plus am anxiety disorder, severe panic attacks. Etc. I can assure you, those you love that suffer with these types of issues are most likely remarkably intelligent, yet their logic is wasted in a battle such as this. And no logic or reason can combat this matter. This is emotional warfare and your loved one can only win by donning whatever armor will serve them to battle this demon. All you can do is offer them your love and unconditional support. Trustworthy, steadfast, loyal and caring you must be! Wishing you and yours te very best of health and happiness!
  • Well, I suffer from binge eating, OCD, chronic depression and anxiety.  It's a terrible mix.  I think most of us with this kind of problems with foods also have mental issues. That is the only explanation I can find to the fact I feel every saturday I need to eat certain things i'd not the resto f the week!  It's quit compulssive if you ask me.

    I feel so bad the next day, not only kinda indigested, but my self-esteem gets kinda hurt.  This week I hope everything will be different tho... I can't let food control my life!
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