Looking for rehab NC SC

Trying to choose a facility for alcohol. Live on coast in NC but willing to go out of state in southeast. Suggestions would be appreciated. I'm overwhelmed with ads online.
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  • @pjc hello there. welcome to the forum. glad you are seeking to stop drinking. i'm not sure about rehabs.... maybe call a local mental health facility and ask for referral?  others may have some advice here too....

    wishing you the best!
  • @pjc... I suggest trying the Treatment Services Locator on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's website. Here's the link:

    You could also get in touch with an addiction specialist and ask for recommendations. 

    Good luck, my friend.
  • Thank you both! I've gone to those but places offered are limited here and not sure if a good fit. A lot are court mandated, I'd like to be where others have made their choice.
    Have narrowed down, I'll share here if it's a success. Thanks again!
  • @pjc that's great you've made a choice! yes, we'd love to hear about it....and feel free to come on anytime just to chat...share with us!! we'd love to be a part of your journey!! :)
  • @pjc... Definitely keep us updated on your search. We'll help you however we can.
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