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Hello everyone, My brother has been trying very hard to live a sober life. He is an alcoholic. As many rehabs have been suggested, he has cut down the amount of drinks and now he is trying to avoid the situations that may be temptate him to drink. Is there anything that he can try to completely get rid off this habit. Please give some tips. Thanks
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  • Good morning @john1245, welcome. Thank you for reaching out on behalf of your brother. There is a lot of info on these forums, so take a look around.

    Some people might not like me saying this, but I think trying to avoid the situation is a false technique. Why? There's just no escape. Alcohol is everywhere; it is impossible to escape unless someone pulls a Howard Hughes and goes 100% hermit.

    So, what to do? There are lots of methods. AA, SMART, the one I used, The Easy Way to Stop Drinking, and many more. At their core though, lies the solution. Changing the way of thinking. For Easy Method, it involves realizing alcohol is just a poison that gives nothing and takes everything. The compulsions to drink are the addicted portion of the brain playing tricks on the rational part. Through education, logical arguments, understanding, and soul searching, one can start to recognize those compulsions as the false logic they are. I'm 5+ years clean, and still have a bottle of Absinthe in my cabinet, and the wife usually has some girly wine in the fridge, but I have no desire to drink either. I learned and accepted that they aren't for me.

    Perhaps you can convince your brother to pop on here and share directly with us? Recovery is a very personal journey, and only he has the full story of what he is going through. We won't judge, preach, or bite. Most of us have been at rock bottom ourselves, and carry the addiction induced physical and mental scars of our past sins. If he can't join us, please keep us in the loop and let us know how we can help.
  • @John1245... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing with us. I'm so happy to hear that your brother is working on living a sober life. And it's terrific that you care about him and are posting here. 

    @Leaker has given you some excellent insight already. I echo everything he said. I also think it would be great if your brother could come join this forum. It's a great place for help and support, and he will never be judged. He is safe here. Maybe suggest that he check it out.

    I'm sending lots of positive, sober vibes your brother's way.
  • @Leaker that's so great that the book has helped you so much. i must get to finishing it! :) i'm still a social drinker, and drink maybe couple times a month, but i'd still like to stop completely... crazy, huh? it doesn't cause me problems, and i'll have a social drink every so often, but still.... i'd love to stop even that.... and THAT proves more challenging than you might think ...................
  • @dominica, you are probably far enough along to have gotten to the part where Mr. Carr defines an alcoholic as someone who can't cope with their level of intake. If you can't cope, then perhaps some change needs to be made. I don't think your issue is that crazy. You might want to change, but often it takes an event that forces a NEED to change to provide the needed boost to motivation. A DUI, lost job, threatened relationship, ect. If that is missing, then sometimes it is difficult to give the monster the fight needed to resist. I've spent a lot of time with notoriously rough and rowdy heavy drinking crowds (fighter pilots, aircraft maintainers, lawyers, ect) and they have instantly accepted me as a non-drinker, so there is no fear of being left out if one says, "no thanks, I'll drive".

    A huge part of any recovery is, I think, identifying misconceptions and prejudices on both sides of the drinking/not drinking line and getting to the core truth as one sees it. After all, Obi-Wan has a good speech in Return of the Jedi on the importance of point of view in regards to truth.
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