Moderate Alcohol Use Linked to Changes in Brain

Read an article yesterday that talked about how just even moderate alcohol use can make negative changes in the brain over time.  It's not just the heavy drinkers that are going to lose out when it comes to drinking.

Researchers did a study and found that moderate drinkers experienced changes in the area of the brain having to do with language and the part that can create dementia and Alzheimer's.  Meaning your risk of getting such brain diseases increase if you are a  moderate drinker.

By moderate, they are saying between 1 and 2 drinks per night.  Maybe a little more on the weekends.

Best advice is to limit alcohol consumption to NEVER....or the rare social occasion... in addition, choose a healthy lifestyle overall. I know it's not perfection we're after, but progress.

And balance....

Here is a link to the article: 

Have a great day everyone. 
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  • I saw this, too. I think it's hard for people to distill all the information out there. For so long people were told that drinking a small amount of alcohol every day was good for them. Remember that whole "red wine is good for you" thing? Then a study like this comes out. I'm pretty sure some people don't have a clue about what advice is the best advice. I do know this, though: I prefer complete abstinence from alcohol. Period.

    Thanks for posting this, @dominica.
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