New Treatment Approach Allows You To Recover at Home

 Unfortunately, when it comes to treating addiction, the costs can be sky high and the guarantee can dip pretty low. The numbers of those trying to make it in recovery who slip into relapse are staggering. While on the one hand it can really take a handful of attempts to make it stick, on the other hand, more should be done about making life-long recovery attainable without putting people into debt.

As we all know, addiction isn’t an acute illness, it’s a chronic disease, and a new program, Aware Recovery Care is on a mission to start treating addiction in a way that’s more cost effective and more effective over all. Aware patients are partnered with a case manager, a therapist, a primary care doctor, 12-step meetings, and peer support. Patients who come to Aware find that Aware comes to them, for in-home care that couldn’t be more uniquely tailored to suit each and every client.

Based on science, the Aware treatment program method is yielding serious results with 72% of patients either sober or still actively receiving treatment at the end of one year. To get a better idea of what this means, the rate of sobriety for those checking into a one-month inpatient program who don’t receive follow up care is about half of that. That’s a striking difference.

Aware program directors recognize that treating people in their homes is more beneficial because that’s where they learned to be the way they are, that’s where they learned their current coping skills. In addiction recovery, one must learn new ways to cope, healthy ways of being and ways to deal with life’s stressors. By coming to see patients in their home, progress can be made in the very environment that the patient will be living when they’re done with treatment. It’s a simple, yet brilliant approach.

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  • Thank you, @Bidnas for the information. I'll certainly do some research here. I know it's not for everyone, but, it's an option and what works in recovery just may be options. We HAVE to have choices!
  • I think this is a great approach. One of the biggest struggles for people who go into residential treatment is when they come home. They learn to to be clean and sober while they are in treatment, but when they get out they're usually faced with going right back into the living situation they came from. So they can encounter relationship issues, triggers, etc. And when someone is relatively new to recovery, they are incredibly susceptible to relapse. 

    Sober living houses are a good thing for people coming out of residential treatment. They serve as a good tool for transitioning back to "normal" life. But learning how to be clean and sober while you're in your own home, dealing with the situations you face daily...I think that's even better. I'm guessing this approach is likely less expensive, too. Are there any numbers relating to cost, @Bidnas?

    Thanks for sharing!
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