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I would like to get help with finding an online chat group that deals with addiction to a person. I have tried on my own, yet haven't been able to find one that is for that specific purpose, thanks
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  • @j58ttl hey there. i'm not sure of online chat groups. i would google it and see what you come up with..

    how are you doing today?
  • I am struggling day to day and not doing too well with finding help that is useful to me either. Just everything is very hard for me these days and doesn't seem like there is much going to change that any time soon.

  • @j58ttl what is most pressing to you? what is your biggest issue you are dealing with right now?
  • I am trying to get better over all and when I try, there is another set back for me. I have a horrible job, yet when apply to other jobs, just no call backs at all. I don't have a car and that is not going to change any time soon. I feel like I am stuck in life right now and just things continue to get worse rather than better for me. I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • @j57ttl hey you! just wondering how you are doing...

    please come and let us know when you get a chance. i do hope things are turning around for you!!
  • I am doing the same as before. Just having a very hard time dealing with the fact that person doesn't want anything to do with me like I do not exist to her. I had another friend that I was close too as well and she hasn't written back to me now in two weeks, so gather another so called close friend has left me.

    The co workers that I was starting to get to know better are all gone now or soon will be leaving so that is another problem I'm dealing with. I can not seem to get to know people that are going to be available to talk too or get to know better, I have that same problem with finding friends online too.

  • @j58ttl ;I'm sorry that you're still struggling. letting go of people can certainly be challenging. well, you do have a group of people here in the Forum who would like to befriend you and share this life Journey with you. There's at least a handful here that have been journeying together for several years now . come on board the Freedom Train and know that you are loved unconditionally .

    I find what helps me with whatever issue I'm dealing with at the moment is listening to audio or watching YouTube videos on the topic. For example, if it's self-esteem or self-worth, I would listen to the personal development experts every single day to encourage myself. If it's codependency, which is something that you're contending with, I would listen to and watch videos on that topic every day. 

    There was a season of my life where I would watch several hours of YouTube videos on the topic each day. It was then that I felt very alone, but I was also determined to heal and grow . I listened and I watched and took notes. I worked on myself for a very long time consistently. With the internet , there are so many resources. Make a list of your top two issues that you're dealing with, and start watching videos or reading books on the topic every day. Even when you don't feel like it. Make a commitment to do it whether you feel like it or not. I think there's something to be said about taking initiative and trying something new , as well as committing to something for the Long Haul. 
    To see changes, do something different.
    Then again, that is what works for me. It varies for each person. Regardless, we are here for you anytime
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