The Change of Heart in Recovery

Battling addiction is taxing, it’s a rigorous process that encompasses your mind, body, and soul. Taking every ounce of your energy in the beginning until you’ve laid a solid foundation that your new sober life will be built upon. In the beginning, you fight uphill spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Hopefully with time and effort the battle becomes a little easier, sobriety becomes about maintenance instead of struggle, about staying on top of things instead of frantically keeping a grasp on it.

Somewhere between the early days of intense cravings and learning new coping skills and the later days of building your community and staying connected, you’ll experience a change of heart. The change of heart can happen for both those going through recovery and those looking in from the outside and fighting alongside a loved one.

The change of heart we’re talking about is when you go from taking things hour by hour and day by day to taking them in bigger strides, planning for the future, and making all your dreams for your healthier life come true. It’s not often talked about but each person who makes it to the other side of long-term recovery goes through a big change.

You go from feeling unsure, incapable, regretful, and like you’re barely scraping by, to feeling certain, confident, and powerful in your new role and healthful life. Sometimes we waver and take a step backwards after a great leap forwards, or sometimes we fall flat back after only making a small stride. What matters most is that you acknowledge where you’re at, if you don’t feel like you have that many great days behind you, rest assured that those days are lying in wait ahead of you.

If you haven’t experienced the change of heart yet on your own journey, get inspired by others who have and keep making progress at your own pace, you’re sure to get there.

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