Behavioral Addiction Programs

Behavioral addiction is something that many people may not even realize they have. Some types of behavioral addictions might be: compulsive shopping, gambling, sex, internet, video games, exercise or eating. Many times the addict doesn’t know they are in trouble until it’s too late. Just enjoying an activity does not mean you are addicted. It’s the compulsion to do that activity too frequently and in circumstances that are inappropriate that will indicate addiction. The person addicted to things that use finances, i.e. gambling and shopping, might not realize it until they can’t pay their bills anymore.

The person addicted to the internet and video games might not be aware of the addiction until their relationships and social circle fade away. Addiction to sex can lead to health hazards or even putting oneself in dangerous situations. Exercise or eating addictions often eventually affect that person’s health adversely. Someone with a behavioral addiction can only recover from that addiction if they acknowledge it.

Behavioral addictions are handled differently in the beginning of recovery due to the fact there is no substance to detox from. The addiction is all psychological. In-patient behavioral rehabs are a good choice to make to recover from this type of addiction. The facility is staffed with psychiatrist, counselors and other mental health professionals. Not only can the addict access professional help regularly, they are not subjected to relapse if exposed to the activity of their addiction. In-patient rehab facilities allow an addict to concentrate fully on recovery from their addiction without outside distractions.


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  • This is an interesting post. It is true some people might don't know that they are suffering already from a behavioral addiction. Sometimes the things we are always doing often lead us to this kind of addiction. Like spending too much on things that are not important and not a necessity may bring you to owe debts. Too much eating unhealthy foods might affect your health.  Being online in the computer for the whole day only playing video games which is useless might deprived you to do your normal activities everyday. There are still other behavior addictions that as early as possible before it is too late and before it will have an effect on your total well being stop doing it for the better of your life.
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