Guided Meditation and Deep Breathing: The Keys to Inner Awareness

On your path to recovery and sober, healthier you, you’ve probably researched just about every tip, strategy, and far-fetched recommendation that you’ve come across. Of course, you’ve heard of deep breathing exercises, meditation, and all that other inner awareness mumbo-jumbo. I find that generally there are two thought processes people fall into when considering meditation, all about it or completely against it!
For those of you willing to jump in and give it a go, good for you! For those of you skeptics, this one’s for you. I know, I know, it just seems so weird and useless, right? You couldn’t be more wrong! It may seem a little odd at first like you don’t really know what you’re doing, or you may even feel downright silly when you get started.
But check this out, the world is what you make it! It probably felt weird and wrong when you first quit whatever it was you were addicted to, you may have felt weird going to gathering without alcohol or drugs but over time sobriety grows on you, you learn to revel in it.
Meditation and deep breathing should have the same effect if you let it work its magic! All kinds of things will happen when you start meditating because first and foremost it means you’re taking the time out of the day to focus inward, to focus on yourself, your mind, your clarity, your peace. All of it.
Self-love and self-care are really important in recovery, so use meditation and deep breathing to find your center. To help you feel relaxed, to help control the way you react, and to learn new coping skills like how to overcome your own negativity.
Over time, you begin to develop an inner awareness, the ability to stop yourself dead in your tracks and make better choices, to revert to positivity instead of negativity, to see all sides of a situation before reacting poorly, and most importantly of all, you truly get to know yourself.
At the very least, you know that it will do no harm to try, so give it a go!
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  • Guided meditation and deep-breathing exercises have really helped me over the last few years. I love the website/app Headspace. If you've never checked it out, you should.
  • I have used guided meditations as well, and they are helpful. i don't do it enough!!  i don't do a lot of deep breathing, but i believe it can help. i'm doing a kundalini yoga retreat in couple of weeks, so we shall see! 

    @DeanD yes, Headspace is a wonderful app!!

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