What do you do when you feel empty and alone?
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  • @chudmeister,

    The easy advice is to find something to fill the emptiness. Easy to say, tough to do. One has to find a hobby or activity that they truly enjoy, not one that is a symptom or side effect of the addiction. Addiction takes a large amount of the day. Once that goes away, one finds they suddenly have a lot more time on their hands. It's important to fill that void, lest one dwell on the emptiness and begin to doubt their decision.

    The alone and empty feelings can also be a symptom or withdrawal from of the addiction. The monster of addiction will use any trick imaginable to get one to relapse and feed the addiction. One of those tricks can manifest as the gloomy emptiness or feeling that life just isn't the same without the addiction. The counter to that one, at least for me, is to not dwell on what was "lost", but to rejoice in the newfound freedom. As one moves beyond the addiction, they gain confidence that they are mastering their Self, and starting to become the person they wished they were all along.

    The other simple yet tough answer is to find friends, music, go for a walk, or some other social thing. I'm not particularly social, so that doesn't appeal to me, but maybe some people are.

    Keep the faith!
  • @chudmeister hey there.  i think everyone feels alone at times. disconnected from .... well, not even sure. at times, i simply embrace it. i know it will pass. it's usually at night if i'm super tired, and i know in the morning i will feel better.

    but yeah, connecting with someone might help. friend. family member. someone you know cares about you. making yourself get out to a community event... etc.

    come on the forum and chat....share...comment... we are here for you!
  • @chudmeister... I'm sorry you're feeling alone. I know that can be an awful feeling. I think @Leaker and @dominica have given you some excellent advice. Hobbies and activities can help, as can connecting with even one person. I think getting outside and getting in touch with nature can help a lot, too.

    We're here for you. Anytime you need us. You can come and chat or vent or ask for help or support. We will always listen.

    Sending you lots of positive energy, my friend.
  • the hard part is that I Don't really have a whole lot of friends anymore, once I moved in with my wife, I lost contact with a lot of my friends, I'm usually alone day and night.
  • Maybe now is a good time to try and reconnect with an old friend or two, @Chudmeister. Can you track folks down via social media or something? Just a thought.
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