Many pregnant moms showing up at hospital addicted to pain pills

I was reading about mothers-to-be who are addicted to drugs , and some statistics that state a good many of pregnant mothers are coming into the hospitals addicted to pain pills. One particular hospital in Huntington, West Virginia states that as many as 50% of pregnant mothers are indeed addicted to pain pills. 

As a result, a hospital in that area is opening a woman's addiction and recovery clinic at the hospital. They received a large monetary grant from an insurance provider that allows them to set up a 60 bed addiction maternity unit. As they screen mothers-to-be when they come in and find that they have an opiate addiction, they will have the option to go to the maternity recovery unit. I think this is wonderful and addresses the real need for recovery clinics.

Screening pregnant mothers for drugs may seem invasive, but I feel it is necessary. It's not that these women were out to become pain pill addicts. They probably started taking pain medication as prescribed by a doctor at some point, and fell prey to addiction. It happens to anyone, regardless of any background .

Let's take the shame out of it and be honest as a society that addiction is kicking some butt. But it doesn't have to continue.

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  • But, by the grace of God, I was not into pills, drinking, or getting high before the birth of my two daughters. Yes, I see the necessity of having such a choice these days for pregnant women, who may see motherhood as a reason to get clean and stay clean! Kudos to this W. Virginia hospital!
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