How Your Happiness is Affecting Your Physical Health

We’ve all heard those old sayings about how laughing or smiling will make you feel better but now science is proving it! Researchers have been reviewing studies to find out how our subjective well-being can influence our physical health. Subjective well-being includes factors like how much or if you’re enjoying life, how satisfied you are, etc. Researchers also took a look at why these factors affect our health and what conditions were most effective.

What’s interesting is that of course we assume that through our subjective well-being we will act physically happier which in turn tricks the mind into actually being healthier. But now researchers say that the health boost extends down into our cardiovascular and immune systems.

While there’s still much more to delve into and study to really get into cracking the code of happiness and health, researchers suggest that you keep an eye on your subjective well-being. You can take it one step further by ramping up your healthy habits to boost your mental health and start taking serious responsibility for your health. After all, if all you do is boost your healthy habits, then you can’t really lose.

We already know that healthy people live longer lives but we’re not paying careful enough attention to the idea that chronic unhappiness could be detrimental to our health! So how is our happiness related to the health of our immune or caradiovascular systems?

Well research suggests that when you relate stress and depression versus happiness, many factors can seriously influence those systems. For example, if you’re smoking, addicted to drugs, stressed out, or suffering in your mental health, all of those medical issues lead to problems within both of those systems, so it only makes sense that your subjective well-being could both positively and/or negatively effect the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Let’s all give it a try, shall we? Let’s work on at least one good mental health habit, or habit that we know will make us subjectively happy and see what kind of effects we get from it. If you’re up for the challenge, feel free to leave some motivation for others in the comments below.

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  • yes. agree. for me right now it's  boundaries with my adult child. staying emotionally, yet lovingly detached. their misery does not have to affect i make it a practice to hold boundaries...and continue to live MY life, while being supportive in a healthy way.

    thank you for sharing.
  • I'm right there with you, @dominica. Boundaries with my adult children. *sigh* 

    But I always put myself and my health and happiness first. It's gotta be that way!
  • I have such a hard time with boundaries with me adult children. They play the guilt card cause I wasn't there for them much growing up. They know it will get me every time. I am learning to say no thought and taking care of myself. It is a struggle, but I am getting there.
  • So glad that you're learning to say no, @2feelgood. It can definitely be a struggle at times. I know that from experience. Just keep working at it, okay? You will get there!
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