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The iOS update released by Apple a few weeks ago came with a new feature called "Night Shift Mode." When this mode is turned on, based on your location and the sunset time, the phone will automatically tone down blue light on the screen. Blue light is known to disrupt our natural circadian rhythms. Has this been helpful for some of you. I have it turned on, but the problem is I have a lot of other blue light sources around the house including my television and laptop, so I'm not sure if it has been helping or not. I've heard of blue light blocking glasses you can wear, which seems like a more comprehensive solution to the evening blue light problem.
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  • i have not  heard of this...not sure if it would help or not...i think the less devices we have around our sleeping area, the better...
  • I usually have my phone on my bedside table, but the only light is usually a little circle of light being given off by the alarm clock. Its not blue though and I've never noticed any difference since it isn't being shone directly at me. Rather than getting glasses to block the blue light, I'd rather just try to sleep with no devices at all. I've never had a tv in my room since I was a child and I'm glad I don't now.
  • Good for Apple for wanting to help us avoid insomnia, but I think the better solution is to just turn the phone off a couple of hours before bedtime. :) 
  • I hadn't heard from it before this thread but it seems really interesting and helpful for a lot of people, sometimes the principal cause of insomnia are our cellphones, lol. I hope that others companies do the same thing.
  • @anorexorcist20 Yeah it's a big step forward in combating the blue light problem. It's cool to see a big company like Apple spearheading that issue. Many of us use our phones in bed at night, so it's definitely a good thing for many people.
  • I have read to fall asleep at night since I was a kid. I switched from books to devices with ebooks in @ 2013-14. I use white letters on a black background to save battery and lessen the light amount at night. Since the night shift mode came out, I found it much easier to fall asleep reading on a device than before. I also like that I am not falling asleep with a bedside lamp on. And I turn down the backlight to minimum and the book brightness to 1/3-1/2. If my book is on and I walk into the bedroom from a lighted room, I can’t even see the phone light until after my eyes adjust to the dark room. Now that I am not drinking, I am reading every night instead of some...and glad to not have the blue light problem we had a few years back
  • @HulkZmash very cool you like to read!! and that you can fall asleep pretty easily! i like listening to audio books...

    the whole blue light thing... not really sure what that's about... :blush:
  • The blue light wavelengths of devices make them bright and crisp, but also stimulate your brain to perceive a daylight experience and disrupt sleep cycles. The night shift mode moves the primary wavelengths of the screen to the red end on the spectrum and diminishes the effect on the brain as a daylight simulator.
  • @HulkZmash thank you for clarifying that!! appreciate you!
  • I don't own a cell phone, but I try my best to stay off my computer or iPad as much as possible as bedtime nears. Not always easy, but I make a conscious effort. And I don't bring any devices with me into the bedroom. That helps a lot.
  • @DeanD i am envious that you don't have a cell phone. i do want to feel free to give mine up, but.... i always think of my kids, who live in another state. i don't really do Facebook anymore... sooooo, i keep the phone for consistent communication...

    however, i'm not glued to my phone :) and that makes a difference.
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