Sweaty palms

Sweaty palms is the tell-tale sign of being nervous. It is part of the fight or flight response. Your body raises it's body temperature to warm up to prepare your muscles to fight or run from an external stimuli. As a result your body tries to cool down your body through perspiration. Your hands is one of the areas of the body with a large concentration of sweat glands, so that is one of the first places you will start to sweat.

I've noticed my hands will sweat when I'm not even nervous. I wonder what causes this. Am I just experiencing a low level anxiety where I just don't notice that I actually am experiencing nervousness or anxiety.
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  • Yes, sweaty palms can be an indication that the person is nervous or tense. But it can also mean that the person may be suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis. I have a classmate back in highschool that has this condition. She actually sweats a lot, and the most excessive sweating is on her palms.
  • I hate the feeling of sweaty palms so much! I rarely get it and I find it very uncomfortable and a bit alarming when I do. I didn't know that the palms have a high concentration of sweat glands. I have noticed though that my hands and feet both feel very warm a lot when I'm having anxiety or strong emotions of any kind.
  • i didn't know this could be a condition...interesting. i do hope you get your sweaty palms under control..if not, it's ok....you're the only one who notices...
  • I can understand having sweaty palms when you get nervous as I have experienced this myself. The only other time that my palms get sweaty is when I am too warm and I have something in my hand. I have heard of the condition where people sweat excessively. If this is something that concerns you then you could see your doctor about it. It could be something else.
  • I definitely get sweaty palms when I'm anxious! It's happened my whole life and yeah, it can be embarrassing sometimes. I've seen people only suggest carrying baby powder in your purse to use when the sweating strikes to absorb the moisture. One suggestion online suggested hand sanitizer but, I didn't have much luck with that.

    I hope you find a solution! Definitely try speaking with a doctor, or even sometimes if you have insurance, they may have a nurse helpline you can reach out to. Good luck!
  • For me it still happens to this day when certain things make me anxious. If I'm in a new situation, meeting new people, starting a new job - those sort of things make it happen. I think I've become better at controlling it, a big part of that has just been being aware of the triggers and trying to lessen my overall anxiety in those situations.
  • @kassie1234 For me it's weird that I don't seem to get sweaty palms when I'm meeting new people or in new environments outside the house. It seems to happen only when I'm by myself. I'm usually not anxious and I'll notice my palms are damp. It's just been a puzzling thing.
  • @erook7878 ; I guess that's the interesting thing about anxiety and also about the human body - everyone reacts so differently to different circumstances. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly why we respond in a certain way!
  • I agree with you to some extent but it's different in my case. When I'm not in an airconditioned room, even when I'm just walking under the sun, I have the tendency to sweat a lot. My sweat glands have been really active since I was a kid. Even my feet sweat endlessly under the heat so it's imperative that I apply foot deodorant to drive out the smell.
  • @xTinx The climate is certainly a big part of it as well. If it is really hot, it's just natural to sweat and you will likely sweat from the palms as well. The feet sweat is the worst. It doesn't matter how cold or warm it is, if I have shoes on and have been walking around all day, my socks get soaked with sweat.
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